qPCR & qRT-PCR Reagents
Real-Time qPCR starts to move into an area in which new Real-Time thermocyclers and new techniques are coming out every day. Eurogentec/AnaSpec is one of the leaders in the field of Real-Time qPCR. To meet the demands of these fast developments Eurogentec/AnaSpec continues to develop and improve Real-Time qPCR kits, offering a broad range of reagents, controls, plastic and qPCR kits for every Real-Time thermocycler. Also, Eurogentec/AnaSpec evolves in the micro RNA studies and a micro RNA assay, the new MiRmaid miRNA precursor qRT-PCR primer set co-developed by Eurogentec/AnaSpec is an exclusive system allowing the simple, accurate, and rapid quantification of more than 170 human precursor miRNAs.
EGT qPCR Selection Guide
PCR, RT Kits and DNA Modifying Enzymes
Other Consumables for PCR and qPCR
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