Assay Development and Screening Service

AnaSpec's scientists have extensive experience in synthesizing detection reagents and in developing procedures to meet your specific assay needs. We can develop custom enzyme assays for:

  • Protease
    • Choice of unique FRET substrates: from short wavelength to long wavelength (near infra red)
    • TR-FRET substrates
  • Phosphatase
    • Colorimetric read-out
    • Fluorimetric read-out
  • Immunoassays for enzymes
    • Specificity plus sensitivity: combine antibody and long wavelength fluorescent substrate
  • Custom screening
    • Viral proteases (HIV, HCV, TEV, WNV)
    • Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs)
    • HDAC
    • Caspases
    • Secretases
    • Renin
    • Phosphatases