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AnaSpec offers convenient assay kits for monitoring cell viability. Fluorescent dye-based assays for cell viability and cytotoxicity are reliable and easy to perform. Our DHL™ viability and cytotoxicity assay kits are ideal for the quantifying the proportion of live and dead cells in a mixed population. In contrast, proliferation assays are designed to monitor the growth rate of a cell population.

Advancements include:
  • Safety – non-radioactive, non-toxic
  • Convenience – Ready-to-use reagents, no labeling required
  • Accuracy – Correlate well with traditional isotope-based assays
DHL™ Cell Viability and Cytotoxicity Assay Kits use a sensitive fluorimetric indicator, resazurin, to measure the activity of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) in cytoplasm (for live cells) or the medium (for dead cells). The measurement of LDH activity is a well-substantiated method for the quantification of viable cell numbers and the monitoring of cell proliferation. The presence of cytoplasmic LDH in the culture medium caused by the damage of cell membrane integrity is a measurable indicator of cell death and cytotoxicity.
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SensoLyte ® Calcein Cell Viability Assay Kit *Fluorimetric* 1 kit AS-72126 $272
Sensolyte ® Cell Cytotoxicity Assay Kit 1 kit AS-71302 $259
Sensolyte ® Cell Cytotoxicity Assay Kit - Larger size 1 kit AS-71303 $924
Sensolyte ® Cell Viability and Proliferation Assay Kit 1 kit AS-71300 $259
Sensolyte ® Cell Viability and Proliferation Assay Kit - Larger Size 1 kit AS-71301 $601
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