Human recombinant a-Synuclein, biotin labeled - 200 µg

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Parkinson's disease is predominantly a movement disorder resulting from degeneration of dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra. The cause of the disease is unknown, but substantial evidence suggests that the aggregation of α-synuclein is a critical step in the etiology of Parkinson's disease (PD). α-Synuclein is an abundant brain protein of 140 residues that is present in high concentration at presynaptic terminals and is found in both soluble and membrane-associated fractions of the brain. Several possible functions have been suggested for α-synuclein, and it also appears to be involved in vesicle release and trafficking. In vitro incubation in the presence of a specific amount of salt (i.e. 0.1M NaCl) with agitation shows α-synuclein forming fibrilous structure.

Recombinant human α-synuclein (GenBank Accession # NP_000336) was expressed and purified from E. coli and conjugated with biotin.


UniProt number
  • P37840
Conjugation type
  • Biotins
Modification Name
  • Conjugated
Quantity & Purity
  • 1 mg/ml
Purification Method
  • Purified
Storage & stability
  • In solution
Storage Buffer
  • 10 mM sodium phosphate buffer (pH=7.4)
Storage Conditions
  • Store at -80°C. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Biomarker Target
  • Recombinant human a-synuclein
Research Area
Sub-category Research Area
  • Research use
Source / Species
  • human

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