Our Values

Our values are at the core of our company.
Our employees experience them every day.


We welcome diversity and flexibility

Human-beings are the core of company interactions. Diversity is seen as a source of enrichment. As a manager, one of my priorities is to be comprehensive with my teams needs and their work-life balance just as management does for me. Each person can find their place with respect to personality, values, and sensitivity. I care about our peoples credibility, accountability, reliability and empathy.

Maria, New Product Development Manager


We invest in innovation and learning

The place of youth in the company really matters. Our managers trust us and accompany us in our growth. In my job, innovation and learning have an essential place. There are lots of challenges to meet and the company really gives us the chance to evolve and to be involved in various ambitious projects.

Thomas, New Product Development Scientist

Team spirit

We encourage exchanges and solidarity

As a member of the Spirit Committee, the internal organization to help promote our corporate culture, I feel very involved in the company life. Through our different initiatives, such as the annual barbecue, our participation in the jogging ELA and « Wallonie Plus Propre », we want to give to our colleagues from various departments the opportunity to meet and get to know better each other. Our goal is to contribute to the improvement of the cohesion, solidarity and well-being of all our employees.

Geneviève, Validation Operator

Solution oriented

We work in close partnership with our clients

In my job, each project is unique. We carefully analyze our client’s needs and work in close partnership with them. We aim to share our own expertise and collaborate in full transparency to achieve tailor-made solutions. Our key words are flexibility, listening and efficiency.

Rudi, Process Transfert & Development Operations Manager