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Fluorescent Dyes  >  Enzyme Detection Reagents  >>  D-Luciferin, free acid *UltraPure Grade*

Product Name D - Luciferin, free acid *UltraPure Grade*
Size 25 mg
Catalog # AS-82250
US$ $83

Luminescent substrate for firefly luciferase.

Detailed Information Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Storage -20C desiccated and protected from light
References Ito K, et al. (2003). Highly sensitive simultaneous bioluminescent measurement of acetate kinase and pyruvate phosphate dikinase activities using a firefly luciferase-luciferin reaction and its application to a tandem bioluminescent enzyme immunoassay. Anal Sci 19, 105-9; Fraga H, et al. (2003). pH opposite effects on synthesis of dinucleoside polyphosphates and on oxidation reactions catalyzed by firefly luciferase. FEBS Lett 543, 37-41; Leskinen P, et al. (2003). One-step measurement of firefly luciferase activity in yeast. Yeast 20, 1109-13; Caceres G, et al. (2003). Imaging of luciferase and GFP-transfected human tumours in nude mice. Luminescence 18, 218-23; Kolokoltsov AA and Davey RA (2004). Rapid and sensitive detection of retrovirus entry by using a novel luciferase-based content-mixing assay. J Virol 78, 5124-32; Branchini BR, et al. (2004). An alternative mechanism of bioluminescence color determination in firefly luciferase. Biochemistry 43, 7255-62; Bhaumik S, et al. (2004). Optical imaging of Renilla luciferase, synthetic Renilla luciferase, and firefly luciferase reporter gene expression in living mice. J Biomed Opt 9, 578-86 (2004).
Molecular Weight 280.32
Spectral Properties Abs/Em = 328/532 nm
Solvent System water
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