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  • PCR-Based In Vitro Synthesis of Hepatitis C Virus NS3 Protease for Rapid Phenotypic Resistance Testing of Protease Inhibitors
    Gulnaz Begum, Hong Q. Yan, Liaoliao Li, Amneet Singh, C. Edward Dixon, and Dandan Sun
    J. Neurosci., Mar 2014; 34: 3743 - 3755.

  • PCR-Based In Vitro Synthesis of Hepatitis C Virus NS3 Protease for Rapid Phenotypic Resistance Testing of Protease Inhibitors
    Jinjuan Qiao, Junping Yu, Hang Yang, and Hongping Wei
    J. Clin. Microbiol., Apr 2014; 52: 1139 - 1145

  • Dendritic Cell Motility and T Cell Activation Requires Regulation of Rho-Cofilin Signaling by the Rho-GTPase Activating Protein Myosin IXb
    Yan Xu, Stefanie Pektor, Sandra Balkow, Sandra A. Hemkemeyer, Zhijun Liu, Kay Grobe, Peter J. Hanley, Limei Shen, Matthias Bros, Talkea Schmidt, Martin Bähler, and Stephan Grabbe
    J. Immunol., Apr 2014; 192: 3559 - 3568.

  • Suppression of Antimicrobial Peptide Expression by Ureaplasma Species
    Li Xiao, Donna M. Crabb, Yuling Dai, Yuying Chen, Ken B. Waites, and T. Prescott Atkinson
    Infect. Immun., Apr 2014; 82: 1657 - 1665.

  • Differential Effects of Synaptic and Extrasynaptic NMDA Receptors on Aβ-Induced Nitric Oxide Production in Cerebrocortical Neurons
    Elena Molokanova, Mohd Waseem Akhtar, Sara Sanz-Blasco, Shichun Tu, Juan C. Piña-Crespo, Scott R. McKercher, and Stuart A. Lipton
    J. Neurosci., Apr 2014; 34: 5023 - 5028.

  • Negative role of inducible PD-1 on survival of activated dendritic cells
    Seong Jeong Park, Hong Namkoong, Junsang Doh, Jong-Cheol Choi, Bo-Gie Yang, Yunji Park, and Young Chul Sung
    J. Leukoc. Biol., Apr 2014; 95: 621 - 629.

  • Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2–Independent Action of Presumed Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2 Activators: Studies In Vivo, Ex Vivo, and In Vitro
    Philipp K. Haber, Minghao Ye, Jan Wysocki, Christoph Maier, Syed K. Haque, and Daniel Batlle
    Hypertension, Apr 2014; 63: 774 - 782.

  • In Vitro Enhancement of Mouse T Helper 2 Cell Sensitization to Ovalbumin Allergen by Carbon Black Nanoparticles
    David E. Lefebvre, Bevan Pearce, Jason H. Fine, Emily Chomyshyn, Nikia Ross, Sabina Halappanavar, Azam F. Tayabali, Ivan Curran, and Genevieve S. Bondy
    Toxicol. Sci., Apr 2014; 138: 322 - 332.

  • Collagen degradation and neutrophilic infiltration: a vicious circle in inflammatory bowel disease
    Pim J Koelink, Saskia A Overbeek, Saskia Braber, Mary E Morgan, Paul A J Henricks, Mojtaba Abdul Roda, Hein W Verspaget, Simone C Wolfkamp, Anje A te Velde, Caleb W Jones, Patricia L Jackson, J Edwin Blalock, Rolf W Sparidans, John A W Kruijtzer, Johan Garssen, Gert Folkerts, and Aletta D Kraneveld
    Gut, Apr 2014; 63: 578 - 587.