SensoLyte® Rh110 Furin Activity Assay Kit Fluorimetric - 1 kit

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Furin is a serine protease that belongs to the subtilisin-like proprotein convertase (PC) family. Furin catalyzes the proteolytic maturation of proprotein substrates in the secretory pathway. Furin plays an essential role in embryogenesis and homeostasis, as well as in diseases ranging from Alzheimer's disease, cancer, anthrax, to Ebola fever. Furin is essential to the maturation and viral infectivity of HIV. Furin is a potential target for drug design, especially for the inhibition of furin-dependent virus replication.
The SensoLyte® Rh110 Furin Assay Kit provides a convenient assay for screening of enzyme inhibitors or for continuous assay of furin activity using a fluorogenic substrate. Upon cleavage by furin, this substrate generates the Rh110 (rhodamine 110) fluorophore with bright green fluorescence that can be detected at excitation/emission=490 nm/520 nm. The longer-wavelength spectra and higher extinction coefficient of the Rh110 provide greater sensitivity and less interference from other reaction components. The detection limit can reach as low as 0.02 ng/mL.


Kits components
  • Component A: Rh110 furin substrate, Ex/Em=490/520 nm upon cleavage: 0.6 mM, 50 µL Component B: Rh110, fluorescence reference standard, Ex/Em=490/520 nm: 0.6 mM, 10 µL Component C: Recombinant human furin: 10 µg/mL, 10 µL Component D: 2X Assay Buffer: 20 mL Component E: Inhibitor: 0.1 mM, 10 µL
UniProt number
  • P09958
Absorbance (nm)
  • 490
Emission (nm)
  • 520
Storage & stability
Storage Conditions
  • Store component C at -80°C. Store all other components at -20°C. Component D can be stored at room temperature for convenience. Protect components A and B from light and moisture.
Biomarker Target
Detection Method
Detection Limit
  • 0.02 ng/ml
Research Area
Sub-category Research Area
  • Research use

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