AnaSpec Develops Novel Substrate for Cancer Research, FAP Assay

Get Truer Results with our SensoLyte® 520 FAP Assay Kit

Our FRET based assay implements an in-house developed long-wavelength proprietary substrate for improved specificity.

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SensoLyte® 520 FAP (Seprase) Assay Kit Fluorimetric


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FAP, a druggable target of the tumor microenvironment

Fibroblast activation protein-α or FAP also known as Seprase, is a transmembrane serine protease that is indicative of a poor cancer prognosis. Elevated FAP, is expressed by the cancer associated fibroblasts (CAFs), that make up most of the tumor stroma and supports its development, progression, and invasion. FAP is also selectively expressed in stromal cells and mesenchymal stem cells during embryogenesis, wound healing, fibrotic reactions, and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, atherosclerotic plaques, and fibrosis.

Approaches to targeting FAP include anti-FAP antibodies and immunoconjugates, FAP chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-T cell, FAP vaccines and radionuclide-based approaches (ie., radiolabeled FAP-targeting molecules).

Ideal for inhibitor and activator screening

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