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As conventional cancer treatments present challenges such as resistance, and lack of selectivity, newer alternatives are being explored to provide advancements towards better clinical outcomes. Peptides offer a high potential in cancer therapy, owing to high target specificity and selectivity, with low toxicity.

Our portfolio of Cancer & Apoptosis related peptides is conveniently sub-grouped into 5 categories: Autophagy, Apoptosis & Cell Death, Cancer Immunomodulators, Cancer Targeting, and Oncogenesis.

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Apoptosis & Cell Death

Certain peptides have the ability to trigger Apoptosis in cancer cells, which is the routine mechanism that eliminates unnecessary or damaged cells, essential for homeostasis in tissues, organs and the organism as a whole.

Description Catalog #
KT2 AS-65672 Order now
AAP-H AS-65677 Order now
CT20p AS-65673 Order now
LVTX-8 AS-65674 Order now

Cancer Immunomodulators

Peptides can act as immunomodulators by enhancing the immune response against cancer cells. In Ex vivo cell therapy, dendritic or T-cells are pulsed with tumor antigen peptide in order to illicit a stronger immune response against the tumor.

Description Catalog #
Eps8-derived peptide 327 AS-65675 Order now
TAT-327 AS-65676 Order now

Cancer targeting (new category)

Tumor-homing peptides can specifically bind to cancer cell or tumor-associated markers, making them potential tools for directing therapeutic agents to relevant sites of action.

Description Catalog #
F3 peptide AS-65678 Order now
LS10 AS-65679 Order now
NG2 ligand peptide AS-65680 Order now

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