Comments from AnaSpec Customers
Earned Respect - Customer Testimonials

While AnaSpec has enjoyed a worldwide reputation for quality almost since its inception, we have never taken the esteem of our customers for granted. With an extensive base of clients that includes the world’s most respected pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic institutions, AnaSpec has earned an industry-wide reputation for quality, innovation, and ethical service. We offer this listing of customer comments, not simply as a testimony to the quality of AnaSpec’s products and services, but as a reminder of the high standard to which we are held. Although we’re proud of our reputation, we don’t take it for granted. The respect that is shown here by our customers is something that we strive to earn, every single day.

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I am happy with the peptide I received from Anaspec. It is working well as a heavy isotope standard in my mass spectrometry studies.

-University of Nebraska Medical Center

My coworker recommended and spoke highly of AnaSpec’s antibody production services. The time frame for the 28-day Speedy Polyclonal Antibody Production matched my needs. So far the quality of the services provided by AnaSpec has been great. I have worked on several projects with AnaSpec, including the 28-day Speedy rabbit immunization and now the mouse monoclonal immunization. The scientists at AnaSpec are very knowledgeable and it’s reassuring to know that I can have direct contact with the personnel who are working on my project. They always have scientists available by phone and e-mail to answer any questions; that helps us to understand and trust the service AnaSpec provides. I would say ‘Yes!’ in recommending the 28-day Speedy Polyclonal Antibody Production.

-Christina Y.
Sr. RA in Antibody Therapeutics/Molecular Bio
KaloBios Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

I was attracted by AnaSpec, Inc 28-days Speedy Polyclonal Antibody production from Internet. The quality of affinity-purified antibodies was good and recognizing arginine methylation and I was happy that they informed me through e-mail about the progress of the project. I would recommend the 28 days Speedy Polyclonal Antibody Production to others.

-Pierre E.
Research Scientist
New England Biolabs

The time frame for 28 days Speedy Polyclonal Antibody Production was very attractive. They can improve in service and email communication but the quality is good. I would recommend the 28 days Speedy Polyclonal Antibody Production to others.

-Matylda Z.
Staff RA in Microbiology

You [AnaSpec] have great customer service and communication.

-Brandy Snider
Research Technician/Lab Manager

Fast and friendly service. Professional delivery of materials and follow up on orders. Excellent quality.

-Trebor Lawton
New England Rare Reagents

TAT for any query is very fast and I appreciate it.

-Jay G Kishan
DM. Materials
BioGenex Laboratories

I order peptides and generally have had a good experience with them coming speedily.

-Laura Valentine
Post doc

The products from AnaSpec deliver what they promise; they are of great quality, and very good price.

-Paula Dietrich
Assistant Professor
University of Tennessee

Great selection of a variety of peptides; Good customer contact.

-Doris Lambracht-Washington, Ph.D.
UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas

The Methylcytidine antibody works great with high quality; the first order was easy to get a quote number.

-Limin Shu
Post doc
Rutgers University

The website is easy to navigate and makes ordering easy.

-Meredith Spadaccia
Research Technician
NYU Langone Medical Center

Custom products are good quality.

-Valerie Stolberg
Veterans Affairs Health System

Customer service is very friendly and accommodating. Products are reliable. Feedback and updates on orders for custom synthesis is helpful.

-Jeff Sigman
Saint Mary's College

I am pleased with the quality of your products.

-Jorge Cruz
Director of Research

Customer service responsiveness, delivery speed, good job!

-James Su
Postdoctoral Scholar
Stanford University

The diversity of peptide molecules within the Amyloid platform is excellent and very helpful for determining mechanistic pathways.

-Don Miller
Professor Dept Pharmacol and Ther
University of Manitoba

Responsive to customer needs.

-David A. Schooley
Professor of Biochemistry
University of Nevada, Reno

The ever increasing number of GO® peptide choices is great.

-Jared Odegard
Scientist II
Immune Design Corp.

Good customer service, and quick delivery of product.

-Dylan Schlaich
Research associate

Peptides are always delivered quickly.

-Sara Nelson
Lab Manager/ Research Associate
Institute for Systems Biology

You [AnaSpec] give good quality help.

-Nima Said
Aegera Therapeutics Inc.

Offering unique AA derivatives at a reasonable price.

-Dave Smiley
Research Associate
Indiana University

products are high quality

-Floyd Sarsoza
Lab Manager
University of California San Diego

Quick delivery, great customer service and flexibility for individual customers, very responsive to email and phone

-Stephanie Fan
Research Associate
WaferGen Biosystems

Unique dyes and quenchers.

-Benjamin Hackel
Postdoctoral Fellow
Stanford University

Very good customer service. good products.

-Ludovic Bannwarth, Ph.D.
YALE school of Medicine

Easy online ordering interface, fast processing of orders.

-Amelia Fuller
Assistant Professor
Santa Clara University

Anaspec has supplied me with custom peptides for antibody production. They have arrived in good time and performed very well for us. Whenever I have asked for quotes they have been delivered in a timely manner with good suggestions.

-Sally Tricomi
Sr. Research Assistant
Saint Louis University

Highest quality peptides, best diversity and usefulness in offerings.

-Robert Scannevin
Assocaite Director
Biogen Idec

Website was very easy and delivery was quick.

-Shelley Hagen
Purchasing Coordinator
UWM Chemistry

Fluorescent secondary antibodies are the best.

-Tony DeFazio
Assistant Professor
University of Miami

Customer service is very responsive.

-Kim Geyer
BioHelix Corporation

Good peptides. Good customer service.

-Gal Bitan
Assistant Professor

Innovative products; Listening to customer needs; Flexible customization of orders

-Eric Carlson
Principal Investigator

Value is good and I appreciate status updates on my order.

-Kristine Alexander
Graduate research assistant
Oregon Heath & Science University

We have had great success with your products and recently published a paper using your mimetic peptides.
Thank you [AnaSpec] for providing outstanding products.

-Derek S. Boeldt
Graduate Research Assistant
Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology
University of Wisconsin

I’m a very happy customer! Your [technical] comments have been quick, thorough and detailed, which is very much appreciated.

-Brendan Colley
PhD Student
University of NSW, Sydney, Australia

good costumer service, high quality products.

-Dinorah Jean-Gilles
University of Rhode Island

Off the shelf AA products.

-Ernie Gemeinhart
Lab Manager
University of Central Florida

Great product quality that gives value to research.

-Anthone Dunah
Senior Scientist
Biogen Idec Inc

Customer service is good, which makes me feel comfortable to order from AnaSpec.

-Jinghui Wang
Graduate Student
Rice University

Quality of reagents is excellent and pricing is very compatible with the small, basic research lab budget.

-Beth Binnington
Research Technologist
Hospital for Sick Children

Great custom synthesis service and general peptide selection.

-Shawn Bairstow
Research Scientist II
Baxter Healthcare

The quality of the antibodies, and data sheets are excellent. In addition, the price is very accessible.

-Paula Dietrich
Post-Doctoral Research Scientist
The University of Tennessee

Custom peptide synthesis and its quality technical service and help. Good tracking information as the synthesis goes on step by step.

-Paresh P. Chothe
Graduate Student
Medical College of Georgia, Augusta GA

Speed of custom peptide synthesis; good customer service and consultation on custom peptide synthesis

-Louis Nguyen
Graduate Student
UCSD Neurosciences

I like the selection and that I am able to receive custom peptides in a timely manner.

-Meghan Reilly
Research Assistant
University of Delaware

Good catalog selection. Lot's of new products. Leader in some fields like Amyloids.

-Werner Hassler

keeping me informed of new products or trouble shooting ideas.

-Christine Battaglia
Research Associate III

Good peptide purity and short waiting time.

-Claudia S Lopez, PH.D.
Sr. Research Associate
Oregon Health & Sciences University

Always good quality peptides

-Daron Forman
Senior Scientist

Quality products at a reasonable price

-Dave Smiley
Research Associate
Indiana University

Communication. The weekly updates and personal communication is unmatched!!

-Christopher Pirie
Graduate Student
Massachusetts Institude of Technology

You response to our urgent need was excellent.

-Elyse Aylward
Berkeley HeartLab, Inc

Excellent purity of compounds and great customer service.

-Jitendra Mishra
Research Associate
The Scripps Research Institude, Scripps Florida

Lots of Products. Knowledgeable reps.

-Amy Stone
Graduate Student

Providing a wide-range of products that are essential to this era of Proteomics Research.

-Emily Freeman
Research Associate
Harvard School of Public Health

Technical support gave clear thorough responses when I made telephone inquiries.

-Rachel Sikorski
Lab Manager
University of Pittsburgh

Your custom made peptide labels are good.

-Jagpreet S Nanda
Doctoral Fellow
Johns Hopkins University

Good quality. Fast delivery.

-Li Xu
Research Analyst
Duke University

Quality products at a good price, delivered when we need them.

-Conner Means
Lab Assistant and Safety Coordinator
Peptides International, Inc.

Good customer service, high quality peptides, and reasonable time frame for delivery.

-Tim Barder
Scientist I

Customer service and quality of products is very good.

-Ryan Ermis

We have already ordered several AnaSpec assay kits and are pleased with the products. Thank you.

-Erik Reinertsen
UCLA Department of Bioengineering

AnaSpec offers the best protein labeling kits I have ever used. Not only is the protocol well written and easy to follow, their attention to the detail is manifested in packaging. The NHS reactive dye, being sensitive to light and moisture, is individually wrapped in a light proof, air tight bag complete with a pack of desiccant. This is most likely the reason I have consistent success in labeling. I would wholeheartedly recommend AnaSpec's labeling kits to anyone.

-Dr. Chun-Nan Chen
Single Cell Technology Inc.

Thank AnaSpec for the timely delivery of high quality peptides which has contributed immensely to meeting our research goals and timelines.

-Anthone Dunah, Ph.D
Biogen Idec, Inc

You clearly are attuned to customers needs. I love the availability and the prompt responses to my inquiries.

-Sherry Dilag, PhD
Lab Manager
UC Irvine

Excellent interaction between customers and both customer services representatives and sales representatives. I have found that you really work with our lab to deliver products in a way that makes us the most productive.

-Melissa Moss, PhD
Assistant Professor
University of South Carolina

Low prices, quick delivery, very good customer service

-Esteban Erben, PhD

Thank you all very much for your prompt and professional response. I really
appreciate it.

-Dr. Xiaolu Zou
Univ. of Guelph, Canada

I really appreciate your help. You have been most helpful and definitely made me feel more confident for future business with AnaSpec. I appreciate your quick response and your friendly attitude.

-Jennifer Minicozzi
Marketing Assistant
LifeSensors, Inc.

I would like to say a very big thank you for your support throughout the past year which has been greatly appreciated by not only myself but also by our customers as well.

-Gladys Verelst

We have been purchasing one of AnaSpec's secondary antibody conjugates, Rabbit Anti-Chicken IgY, HRP-Conjugated (cat. No. 29710) for years from AnaSpec's German distributor. The antibody always worked perfectly.

-Dr. Dorothee Kiefer
University of Hohenheim in Germany

Thanks Violeta. Kudos to Anaspec to getting such a clean prep of the pegylated peptide... you guys are the best!

-Varghese John
Buck Institute

Thank you for keeping me abreast of your company's promotions. I'll be sure to check with you or your website before our next ordering.

-Danielle Blake
Johns Hopkins University

We had a wonderful experience meeting you and the entire Anaspec team. We are excited about your recent technological developments and looking forward to doing more business with your company. Thanks again for putting on a great open house.

-Omar Duramad

Thanks for your excellent service

-Marty Taylor
Johns Hopkins Pharmacology

I am very pleased by the professional and quick reply to my quote request.

-Gottfried Proess
Eurogentec SA

Customer service is good! Products are high quality! Fast shipping!

-Kan Xiong
Research Assistant

Peptide quality couldn't be better.

-Soyoun Hwang
Graduate Student
Texas A&M University

We are very happy with your competitive prices and the great quality of your products.

-Kimberly Prohaska
Post-doctoral Research Associate
University of Rochester

Customer Service was excellent. You answered every question I had. Thank you.

-Stephanie Schaedel
Laboratory Technician
Naval Institute of Dental and Biomedical Research

Very good follow up and good at keeping the customer "in the loop" during the production phase.

-Roger Thompson
Assistant Professor
University of Calgary

Good quality products at a reasonable price.

-Christine Knutzen
Research Tech
Burnham Institute for Medical Research

Great products,easy to use. Very well written protocols.

-Monica Bhatia

Very polite sales representatives Fast response to questions. High quality products.

-B. Ruan
Senior Research Scientist

You offer a wide variety of products at competitive prices

-Helen Wing
Associate Professor

Really impressed with your customer service/communication.

-Hai Wu

AnaSpec provides excellent customer service.

-Maria Capooci
Laboratory Technician
Chaperone Technologies

Customer service is very good. Friendly and helpful

-Carrie Weidensee
Marquette University

Custom Peptide Synthesis is great. Clean products, even on difficult hydrophobic compounds.

-G. Thomas Brown
Graduate Student
Cleveland Clinic Foundation / Lerner Research Institute

Thank YOU!! For being so professional in expediting this order and informing us that product was no longer available.
It's a pleasure doing business with you.

-Malbelyn Rivera
Rockefeller Research Labs

I dealt with Anaspec in the past when I was in San Jose California and was pleased with your work.
I’m looking forward to working with AnaSpec again.

-Rossi F.

I am very impressed with your service.

-Tony Wang
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Dept. of Neurosurgery


-Richard Huisman
Calvin College

During the summer most WSU employees take their vacation; thus, most of the businesses, especially purchasing department, slow down or order-forms get stuck on the wrong desks. As a result the research labs are affected and that ALMOST happened to our lab, if it wasn’t for the two Anaspec employees, Rosie Atencio and Thuynga Nguyen, to help in the most efficient and professional way. Thanks to Rosie and Thuy our work did not suffer. I wish all the other companies had employees like yours: friendly, professional and willing to go an extra mile to help their customers.
I am very pleased doing business with Anaspec.
Thank you and keep up the good work,

-Iulia Kovari
Senior Research Scientist
Wayne State University

I have been happy with AnaSpec's service in the past. I think your customer
service is good. I can't think of anything that needs to be improved. You
have answered my inquires and responded to my concerns in a timely manner,
which is appreciated.

-Nikki Kirkman
University of Utah

Peptides are of high quality. Delivery is fast and prompt.

-Stephen Soonthornvacharin
Scientific Associate II

The alkaline phosphatase kit that we use works well.

-Ben Mudrak
Duke University

The customer service and tech support for my custom peptide order were both excellent, with extensive back-and-forth communication to ensure that I ordered the correct sequence.

-Randall Burton
Principal Scientist
US Genomics

Great peptide, great price. Staff was very helpful.

-Caroline Cole
National Jewish Health

Delivery is prompt and efficient Web-based ordering is a plus Protocols are thorough

-Eric Carlson
Alcon Labs

The peptides from Anaspec are very affordable and are convenient to order

-Debarati Mazumder
Post Doctoral Fellow
Harvard University

AnaSpec has offered us critical help several times.

-Shaosheng Dong
Staff Scientist
Symyx Technologies

We are using intra-venous delivery of Near Infrared fluorescently labeled peptides based on the Hilyte Fluor platform to detect proteins involved in angiogenic processes; the brightness and stability of the dyes allows us to perform in-vivo fluorescent imaging at times that exceed the non-specific binding dye clearance process. This results in fluorescent in-vivo images with considerable less background.

-Jose I. Rey
Drug and Gene Delivery Lab
University of South Florida

I really appreciate all your help yesterday on such short notice. A very big thank you to you, and all the others who helped. Looking forward to lots more business together.

-David Bakas

The peptides you send are excellent, little impurities even by our super-sensitive mass spec techniques.

-Cynthia Gross
Sr. Scientist
Bayer HealthCare

You provide reagents that are difficult to find elsewhere. MMP activity assays, particularly the SensoLyte Plus with monoclonal Abs to pull out the MMP of interest are great. Additionally, your customer service and technical people are extraordinarily helpful.

-Janet Adams
Senior Research Scientist
Tissue Technologies Holdings, LLC

The reagents (Fmoc-amino acids) are of excellent quality.

-Harry C. Wang
Manager, Peptide Chemistry
Nastech Pharmaceutical Company

High quality fluorophores and peptides.

-Richard Smith
Vice President
IA/Threefold Sensors, Inc

Breadth and variety of products is excellent.

-Maxim Shusteff
Research Scientist
Eksigent Technologies

I am pleased to tell you that your quote process was easier and the turnaround much, much quicker than your competitors. I also appreciate the quick acknowledgement that the quote request was received and the follow

-Lara Taubner
Rocky Mountain Laboratory LPVD/NIAID/NIH

Very helpful customer service

-William Nikolic
University of South Florida

Good communication, timely delivery, and value.

-Thomas J. Lukas
Northwestern University

Excellent quality.

-Stephen Fiacco

Very fast responses to my questions

-Leonardo Faria
Stanford University

Good quality peptides at competitive prices.

-Gideon Goldstein
President and CSO
Thymon, LLC

Good turnaround time for high-quality peptides

-Stephen Yant
Research Scientist I
Gilead Sciences

Very nice customer service and fast delivery.

-Yangbin Chen
University of Massachusetts

Customer service and the current Sales reps have always been very helpful and courteous. Thank you

-Veronica Taylor
Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics

Very large selection of peptides. Very well put together catalog

-Matthew Powell
Director, Research & Development
Protea Biosciences

Response to questions about products is excellent. Accompanying product information is very useful.

-Kirsten Viola
Research Lab Manager
Northwestern University

Excellent product quality and customer service.

-Brian Nolen
Research Specialist
University of Pittsburgh

The quality of your products and synthesis capabilities are great

-Danny Taglicht
Proteologic Ltd.

Service is very fast and customer service is quite helpful!

-Christie Spadafora
Associate Scientist

I always get a response to my inquires with 24 hrs. The lead chemist worked hard for me to make a difficult derivatized custom peptide, which I really appreciated.

-Thomas T Tibbitts
Principal Scientist
Infinity Pharmaceuticals

The reagents you have sent us to date have been superb and we are looking forward to expanding our relationship with more reagents in the near future.

-Seth Goldenberg
Progenra Inc

The range of product choices and the speed at which we receive the products (the overall service) is really great.

-Danielle Guarracino
Graduate Student
Yale University

Synthesis of products very few else are preparing

-Rashika El Ridi
Faculty of Science, Cairo University

AnaSpec has the best costumer relations of any biotech company I've worked with. Also, your tech support and product data sheets are very reliable and easy to follow.

-Thomas Lozito
Predoctoral Fellow

Great customer service and phone support.

-Juan Rivera

You deliver very high quality product that allows for reproducible results in running experiments.

-Frank Kirchner
Johnson and Johnson

Excellent products in term of quality and service

-Daniel Duong

Great customer service and email response times.

-Xiaojuan Khoo
Research Assistant
Boston University

Making high quality peptides at a reasonable cost. Your catalog is very good with many peptides categorized nicely.

-Leonard Contillo
Principal Scientist

I very much enjoyed meeting with AnaSpec's Director of Sales & Marketing to have the opportunity to see the powerful array of products being offered by AnaSpec.

-Gary Scott
Buck Institute

Customer service is excellent. Your products are also excellent.

-Maria Jepson
Laboratory Technician III
University of Rochester

We ordered a lot of peptides from AnaSpec, some flourescently labeled, they all worked well. While some other companies couldn't make the ones difficult to synthesize, AnaSpec could.

-Huai-Ping Ling
Senior Research Scientist
Wyeth Research

I just wanted to take the time to thank you and AnaSpec for the great service you have provided to me and New England Rare Reagents. I have used AnaSpec for over 4 years to synthesize critical peptide immunogens used in the isolation of unique monoclonal antibody reagents to disease proteins. You have played a valuable part in the successful work associated with several grants we have received in support of our reagent development efforts. I especially appreciate the consistent quality of the peptides that I have received and the support and technical assistance in designing or post-synthetically modifying peptide structures. I look forward to many more years of business interaction and just wanted to take the time to say thanks.

Prompt, courteous service. Excellent value. Excellent product. Satisfaction guaranteed. I have never and will probably never look elsewhere for my peptide synthesis needs.

-Trebor Lawton
New England Rare Reagents

I've never had a bad experience. I wish I could give some constructive criticism about your products or service but there is just no reason to fix something that isn't broken. I always get to speak to a pleasant knowledgeable person for ordering and have always received my product quicker than expected. Thanks and keep up the good work.

-Will Weimers
Research Associate II
Siga Technologies

AnaSpec has a very good turn around time for delivery of custom order peptides.

-Robert Campbell
Senior Associate Scientist

So far, the best of the half dozen company I used.

I am really happy about the speed of the delivery of product. When you give me the timeline for the product generation, I can always get it as you promised. That is easy for me to design my schedule. So much better than all the other peptide companies I have been working with. Quite a few companies promised something and then asked for extension after extension.

-Yan Zhang
Research Associate
The Salk Institute for Biological Sciences

Your communication and customer service is impeccable and something that is not usually found in current corporate America. That's in addition to your obvious great products and high level of quality.

-Walter Kim
MD/PhD Student
UMASS Medical School

Your ordering system is very well organized and user-friendly. The orders arrive promptly and correct.

-Agustin Sanchez
LSR III, Peptide Chemist
Stanford University

Arbor Vita Corporation has been an AnaSpec customer for several years. During this time, they have provided us with high quality custom peptide synthesis. Their team has also been very open and helpful in providing technical support. I strongly recommend AnaSpec for peptide synthesis services.

-Michael P. Belmares
Arbor Vita Corporation

The customer service is phenomenal. I love that we get quotes quickly and that you are there to answer any questions right away.

-Dr. Sandra Chimon Peszek
Post-Doctoral Research Assistant
University of Illinois at Chicago

I would like to express our gratitude to you and your colleagues for the scientific expertise and excellent service provided by AnaSpec...Thank you so much for being such a wonderful and supportive partner! I always enjoy working with you and your colleagues!

-Xiang-Min Cui, Ph.D.
CEO & President
XC Research Inc.

First of all, you are reliable; the quality of your peptides is consistently high. Your service is courteous and quick. On the top of this you are flexible and accommodating to the customer's need.

-C.H. Kowal
Assistant Professor
Columbia University

You all make the best peptides.

-Matthew W. Olson
Principle Research Scientist
Johnson & Johnson

Perfect!!!!! You are the true professional! I went well served and the material was delivered in the time, without larger problems. Congratulations!

-Reinaldo Marchetto
UNESP - Institute of Chemistry

I am writing to you express my gratitude to you and your company for quick delivery of the highly pure peptide that I ordered.
Indeed, I ordered the peptide yesterday, and received it today. How amazing! it is more amazing because it is custom-made peptide, not one of your commercial peptides.

-Ph.D. Investigator

We have been using AnaSpec for the last ten years. Their products have always been very high quality and their service and technical support have been excellent. I have no reservations recommending AnaSpec to others.

-Director, Core Facility
Tufts Medical School

I have carried out approximately ten projects with AnaSpec - all for generation of anti-peptide polyclonal antibodies. I have been well satisfied both with the quality of their work and with their professionalism. I continue to work with them as projects arise.

-Ph.D. Researcher
Geron Corporation

We have been using AnaSpec as our major supplier for peptide synthesis for 8 years. We are completely satisfied with AnaSpec's peptide materials and its services. The prices are also quite reasonable.

-Director of Protein Research Lab
University of Illinois at Chicago

We have been working with your company for quite some time, as you know, and we are impressed with the quality of effort and outcome displayed by you and your staff.

-Vice President
Quidel Corporation

My lab's experience with AnaSpec has been terrific over a period of more than 5 years. This includes the synthesis of peptides and phosphopeptides, and generation of anti-peptide antibodies. We have described the use of your antibodies in several of our publications. Based on my experience, I have referred several users to AnaSpec and will continue to do so.

-Associate Professor of Medicine
Stanford University
School of Medicine

After my first inquiry this past Thursday, 20 mg of >95% pure peptide xxx have appeared on my desk on Monday - this is superb, caring service from all concerned, and I really appreciate it.

-Ph.D. Researcher
Pfizer Inc.

My experience with AnaSpec service and product was excellent. I am very impressed by the product and will recommend your services to others looking for quality synthetic peptides.

-Ph.D. Researcher
University of Washington

Customer Service is amazing; everyone is very friendly and quick to respond to any of my questions/needs.

-Brooke Swalm
Associate Scientist
Wyeth Research

High quality products, personable service, good follow-up.

-John Mark Carter
Research Chemist
USDA ARS WRRC Foodborne Contaminants Research

Customer support is very fast and nice. Also tech support is very precise and exciting. Overall I am very happy to work with AnaSpec

-Nam Joon Cho
Stanford University

Your customer service and scientific knowledge is excellent. I have a high degree of satisfaction in terms of product quality

-Ryan Wylie
University of Toronto

Very responsive to special requests for peptides. Quality of peptides received excellent.

-Thomas Arroll
Senior Scientist

I am still delighted with the quality of your service, the quality of the peptides and turnaround-now delighted with after sales care too

-Chris Scott
Queen's University Belfast

The Anaspec Sensolyte 520 generic MMP kit was easy to use and detected low levels of activity. The kit works brilliantly.

-Erika Heidi Noss
Brigham & Women's Hospital

The response time of your customer service representatives has been amazing.

-Katherine Poulin
Research Assistant