Research Grade

Custom Peptide Synthesis

Optimize your peptides thanks to AnaSpec's 30 years of expertise in liquid and
solid phase synthesis. Our peptide synthesis ranges from simple unmodified
to highly modified and hydrophobic peptides.

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Custom Peptides Specifications


  • Up to 60 amino acids
  • 95 %, 90 %, 85 %, 70 % (98 % available for GMP grade)
  • 1 mg to hundreds of grams
Counter - Ion
  • • TFA (default)
  • • Acetate, chloride or ammonium salt exchange *
QC Testing
  • Mass Spec Analysis
% Purity
  • HPLC
Additional testing *
  • • Peptide content determination (CHN analysis or quant-peptide service)
  • • Solubility testing
  • • Peptide sequence confirmation
  • • Counterion content
  • • Metal content
  • • Endotoxin
  • • Bioburden


* Option on request for additional fee

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Peptide Modification Experts

We have the know-how to solve your peptide modification needs by incorporating single or multiple modifications at the
sequence N-terminus, C-terminus, and/or internally. We also manufacture simple unmodified and hydrophobic peptides.

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Fluorescent Dye Labeled Peptides

We manufacture custom peptides with a broad range of premium fluorescent dyes that span the whole visible and near infrared spectrum.

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FRET Peptides

We offer a full-range of dye-quencher FRET pairs to label your custom peptides

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TR-FRET Peptides 

We perform custom synthesis of labeled peptides with lanthanide metals as donor molecule.

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Stapled Peptides

We offer an adaptable platform for the custom synthesis of stapled peptides catering to a variety of biological applications.

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Lactam Ring Peptides

We offer a versatile platform for the synthesis of lactam ring cyclic peptides

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Disulfide-Bridged Peptides

We produce disulfide bridged peptides, utilizes stepwise protection or natural folding strategies.

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Glycosylated and Glycated Peptides 

Sugar moieties can be incorporated into your custom peptide(s), at single or multiple locations.

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We have developed novel methods for the synthesis and purification of hydrophobic peptide modifications.

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Phosphorylated Peptides

Our chemists can incorporate single, or multiple combinations of phosphoserine, phosphotyrosine, or phosphothreonine residues into your custom peptide. 

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Heavy Isotope-labeled Peptides

Our ClearPoint™ Peptides are dedicated for use in Quantitative Mass Spectrometry and NMR analyses

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Peptide-Oligo Conjugates

We produce up to 20 mg POCs in our facilities located in Belgium.

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Your Peptide Synthesis Company

Quality Management

Under our strict quality management system (QMS), each peptide is manufactured using specialized chemical methodologies and then subsequently QC tested for purity and identity by HPLC and Mass Spec Analysis.

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By manufacturing thousands upon thousands of peptides over a span of 30 years, for academia, the biopharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, and governmental agencies, we have the technical knowledge you can trust.

Made in the USA

Our facility in California, encompasses all stages of production including, peptide custom synthesis, purification, lyophilization, and QA/QC, for both R&D production and GMP cleanroom manufacturing.

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Whether by phone, email, or video chat, our technical team is ready to discuss your next or ongoing custom peptide project. All communications and project information is treated with the utmost security and confidentiality.

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