Cancer Research: DBC1 is a key positive regulator of KMT2D and p300 in colorectal cancer

AnaSpec's histone peptides were used in a recent epigenetics research study to demonstrate the critical role of DBC1 as a key positive regulator of KMT2D and p300.

Why study DBC1 mechanisms?

The research showed that DBC1 is a key positive regulator of KMT2D and p300. The authors also studied the regulatory mechanisms underlying the interaction between these enhancer epigenetic writers in enhancer activation.

A Better understanding of DBC1 mechanisms of actions will help to develop new strategies for epigenetic cancer therapy.

Epigenetic events and cancers

Epigenetics is the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression but not by altering the DNA sequence. Histone modification is a key epigenetic mechanism for regulation of chromatin dynamics and gene expression. Epigenetic writers KMT2D (H3K4 methyltransferase) and p300 (histone acetyltransferase) are key enzymes catalyzing the addition of chemical modifications to histones. Change in these epigenetic events often leads to pathologies and cancers.

What is Deleted Breast Cancer 1 (DBC1)?

DBC1 has been identified as a regulatory protein involved in cell survival and progression of breast, colorectal and many other cancer types.

DBC1 acts as a negative regulator of epigenetic modifiers and as a co-activator for nuclear receptors and other transcription factors.

DBC1 is a key positive regulator of KMT2D and p300.

DBC1 is required for establishing the landscape of active enhancers, for genome-wide chromatin binding and enhancer recruitment of KMT2D and p300, and for gene activation involved in colorectal cancer progression.

It enhances KMT2D-mediated histone H3K4 methylation (H3K4me 1/2/3) and p300-mediated H3 acetylation.

DBC1 contributes to super-enhancer formation and function by facilitating the recruitment of KMT2D and p300.

AnaSpec's histone peptides

Biotin-conjugated synthetic histone peptides H3K4ac (1–21), AS-65207 and H3K4me3 (1–21), AS-64357 from AnaSpec were used for the antibody specificity test.

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  1. Kim, HJ. et al. DBC1 is a key positive regulator of enhancer epigenomic writers KMT2D and p300. Nucl Acids Res, 50 (14), August 2022, p7873

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