Sarcopenia Research: Unacetylated Ghrelin protects against loss of muscle mass

AnaSpec unacetylated Ghrelin peptides were used by Ranjit R. et al. to show a direct role of unacylated ghrelin in redox-dependent sarcopenia.

A better understanding of the role of Ghrelin

The researchers used peptides from AnaSpec to show that unacylated ghrelin protects against loss of muscle mass and function in redox dependent sarcopenia.
HM01 induces loss of muscle mass in wildtype mice and exacerbate sarcopenia in Sod1KO.
The results further demonstrate that unacylated ghrelin is associated with downregulation of FoxO3a and its downstream pathway E3 ligases.

Ghrelin, unacylated ghrelin and HM01

Ghrelin is a 28-amino-acid appetite-stimulating peptide hormone secreted by the stomach P/D1-type cells in mammals. It increases appetite and body weight upon acylation, which activates its receptor GHSR1a.

Des-octanoyl (or Des-acyl) Ghrelin is the unacylated precursor peptide to ghrelin. A small subset of ghrelin is acylated depending on energy status, most of the ghrelin in the circulation is unacylated ghrelin. HM01 is an acylated ghrelin receptor agonist.

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  1. Ranjit, R. et al Antioxidants 2022, November, 11(12), 2358;

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