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Peptides  >  Peptide Aminoluciferin Custom Synthesis For Bioluminescent Assays  >>  Peptide Aminoluciferin Custom Synthesis For Bioluminescent Assays

Product Name Peptide Aminoluciferin Custom Synthesis For Bioluminescent Assays
Size 1 each
Catalog # AS-C.S.-Aminoluciferin
US$ Request for Quotation

Aminoluciferin (aLuc) is luciferin with its 6-position hydroxyl group substituted with an amino group. This modification allows aLuc to form peptide (amide) bonds with a peptide, while at the same time retaining the transport and bioluminescent properties of luciferin, resulting in a molecule called peptide-aminoluciferin.1 Many peptides-aminoluciferin are good substrates for luciferase-based (bioluminescence) assays. These substrates generally offer significant advantages, such as increased sensitivity, ease of use, and high throughput screening capacity. Luciferase-based assays are typically 10- to 100-fold more sensitive than comparable fluorescent assays (rhodamine 110, AMC and AFC). AnaSpec now offers custom synthesis service of peptide-aminoluciferin substrates.

Storage -20C
References Wilson, B. et al. (Ed.) Advances in Biophotonics. IOS Press, 2005.
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