Earned Respect - Customers' Testimonials
While AnaSpec has enjoyed a worldwide reputation for quality almost since its inception, we have never taken the esteem of our customers for granted. With an extensive base of clients that includes the world’s most respected pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic institutions, AnaSpec has earned an industry-wide reputation for quality, innovation, and ethical service. We offer this listing of customer comments, not simply as a testimony to the quality of AnaSpec’s products and services, but as a reminder of the high standard to which we are held. Although we’re proud of our reputation, we don’t take it for granted. The respect that is shown here by our customers is something that we strive to earn, every single day.

Customer Testimonials

We are very pleased with the peptides and the service you have provided to us. As you know, our management has high expectation of this project, and it is critical for us to supply high quality materials to meet our goals. We have tried several peptide companies. All of them have difficulties to handle the special unnatural amino acid and were unable to deliver the finished peptide on time. We are glad to have you as our key supplier of these specialty peptides, and I am looking forward to the excellent service from you in the future.
Xiao-Dong Qian
Principal Scientist

Arbor Vita Corporation has been an AnaSpec customer for several years. During this time, they have provided us with high quality custom peptide synthesis. Their team has also been very open and helpful in providing technical support. I strongly recommend AnaSpec for peptide synthesis services.
Michael P. Belmares
Arbor Vita Corporation

I would like to express our gratitude to you and your colleagues for the scientific expertise and excellent service provided by AnaSpec...Thank you so much for being such a wonderful and supportive partner! I always enjoy working with you and your colleagues!
Xiangmin Cui, Ph.D.
CEO & President
XC Research Inc.

We have been using AnaSpec for the last ten years. Their products have always been very high quality and their service and technical support have been excellent. I have no reservations recommending AnaSpec to others.
Director, Core Facility
Tufts Medical School

I have carried out approximately ten projects with AnaSpec - all for generation of anti-peptide polyclonal antibodies. I have been well satisfied both with the quality of their work and with their professionalism. I continue to work with them as projects arise.
Ph.D. Researcher
Geron Corporation

We have been using AnaSpec as our major supplier for peptide synthesis for 8 years. We are completely satisfied with AnaSpec's peptide materials and its services. The prices are also quite reasonable.
Director of Protein Research Lab
University of Illinois at Chicago

We have been working with your company for quite some time, as you know, and we are impressed with the quality of effort and outcome displayed by you and your staff.
Vice President
Quidel Corporation

My lab's experience with AnaSpec has been terrific over a period of more than 5 years. This includes the synthesis of peptides and phosphopeptides, and generation of anti-peptide antibodies. We have described the use of your antibodies in several of our publications. Based on my experience, I have referred several users to AnaSpec and will continue to do so.
Associate Professor of Medicine
Stanford University School of Medicine

After my first inquiry this past Thursday, 20 mg of >95% pure peptide xxx have appeared on my desk on Monday - this is superb, caring service from all concerned, and I really appreciate it.
Ph.D. Researcher
Pfizer Inc.

Thanks for all of your help. AnaSpec has always been excellent in their products and services.
Ph.D. Researcher
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

My experience with AnaSpec service and product was excellent. I am very impressed by the product and will recommend your services to others looking for quality synthetic peptides.
Ph.D. Researcher
University of Washington