Speedy 28-Day Polyclonal Antibody Service

When traditional protocols can take 70+ days, the wait for high-quality custom polyclonal antibodies can be excruciating. AnaSpec, EGT Group asked, "Is there a way to develop custom antibodies faster without sacrificing quality in the finished product?" Here's the answer.

The Speedy 28-day custom polyclonal antibody protocol uses a proprietary mixture of Freund's free immuno-stimulatory compounds. Antibodies can be raised against peptide sequences consisting of standard, phosphorylated, methylated or acetylated amino acids. Bleed is guaranteed to have a titer of at least 1/125,000 for one of the immunized rabbits.

Figure 1. The Speedy 28-day polyclonal antibody protocol was used to raise an antibody against an acetylated peptide. ELISA results show that the high titer antibody was specific towards the acetylated peptide.

Figure 2. The Speedy 28-day polyclonal antibody protocol was used to raise an antibody against a phosphorylated peptide. ELISA results show that the antibody had high titer and was specific towards the phosphorylated peptide.

•    Peptide design from protein of interest
•    Peptide synthesis (15 aa, add 3-4 weeks)
      Standard peptide sequence (>80% purity)
      Phosphorylated peptide sequence (>90% purity)
      Methylated peptide sequence (>90% purity)
      Acetylated peptide sequence (>90% purity)
•    Conjugation to carrier protein (KLH, BSA or OVA)
•    Choice of two New Zealand rabbits in conventional or SPF (specific pathogen free)
•    28-day immunization protocol (not including peptide synthesis)
•    ELISA as early as Day 28
•    Antigens include single peptide or two peptides or customer-supplied protein (titer
      guarantee does not apply to customer-supplied protein)

To start your Speedy 28-Day polyclonal antibody project, please contact speedy@anaspec.com

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“The time frame for the Speedy 28-day Polyclonal Antibody Production matched my needs....the quality of the services provided by AnaSpec has been great. I have worked on several projects with AnaSpec, including the Speedy 28-day rabbit immunization and now the mouse monoclonal immunization. The scientists at AnaSpec are very knowledgeable and (are) available by phone and e-mail to answer any questions…” CY at Biotech Company

“The time frame for Speedy 28 days Polyclonal Antibody Production was very attractive...I would recommend the Speedy 28 days Polyclonal Antibody Production to others.” MZ at UCSF