Homo-Amino Acids - Driving Discovery

Homo-Amino Acids - Driving Discovery

The prefixing of "homo" to the name of an amino acid indicates the addition of a methylene (CH2) group on the a-carbon of an amino acid1,2. These are used for creating peptide analogs that have may have altered biological activity. In one example3 where certain amino acids in the parathyroid hormone peptide PTH (1-14) have been substituted with Aib (aminoisobutyric acid) and homoarginine. This shorter N-terminal fragment is found to be as potent as PTH (1-34) for stimulating cAMP formation in PTH-1 receptor-expressing cells.

With functionalities suited for either drug discovery or investigation of peptide biological activity, AnaSpec's selection of homo-amino acids is an important component of our wide array of integrated proteomics solutions.

Homo-Amino Acids:

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