EnzoLyte Plus MMP Assay Kits Offer Focused Selectivity for Identifying Specific MMPs

Focused MMP Detection

Current EnzoLyte™ MMP assay kits can sensitively detect the activity of MMPs but have been limited in their specificity by the cross-reactions between different MMPs. AnaSpec presents an innovative solution for the identification of specific MMPs. Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMPs) belong to a family of secreted or membrane-associated zinc endopeptidases capable of digesting extracellular matrix components1;2. These enzymes are responsible for connective tissue deterioration, bone remodeling, and damaged tissue repair. They are also involved in a number of diseases, such as tumor development and metastasis3-6 as well as in rheumatoid arthritis7;8. EnzoLyte Plus™ MMP assay kits are the ideal solution for researchers who need to identify the activity of a specific MMP in a complex biological sample containing multiple MMPs and other peptidases. EnzoLytePlus™ MMP Assay Kits integrate the specificity of a monoclonal antibody with the sensitivity of a fluorescence peptide substrate, detecting the presence of a particular MMP in biological samples, including serum, plasma, tissue homogenate, cell lysate, synovial fluid and more.

The enhanced selectivity is possible through the inclusion of a monoclonal anti human-MMP coated 96-well plate (12 x 8 black strips). The antibody specifically captures the proenzyme and active forms of an MMP from a mixed biological sample. The wells are washed and subsequent addition and cleavage of the FRET peptide gives a fluorimetric reading that reflects the proteolytic activity of the specifically captured MMP. AnaSpec’s unique 5-FAM/QXLTM 520 FRET peptides provide highly sensitive fluorescence readouts at an emission wavelength of 520 nm with a convenient excitation of 490 nm. Experimental data confirms that these kits can measure subnanogram quantities of specific human MMPs, with no cross-reaction with other MMPs.

AnaSpec currently offers the following MMP-specific assay kits:

EnzoLyte Plus™ 520 MMP-1 Assay Kit
EnzoLyte Plus™ 520 MMP-9 Assay Kit
EnzoLyte Plus™ 520 MMP-13 Assay Kit

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