Ultra-Sensitive EnzoLyte™ 520 Renin Assay Kit – Industry’s Highest Sensitivity

The past decade has witnessed the development of a number of synthetic renin inhibitors.1-3 However, increasing demand for accelerated drug discovery and automated inhibitor screening has generated a need for a continuous, homogeneous assay with even greater sensitivity. This need has not been met by any of the current renin assay kits on the market. Until now.

Renin, a highly specific aspartyl protease, cleaves angiotensinogen, to yield angiotensin I, which is further converted into angiotensin II by ACE (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme). Angiotensin II constricts blood vessels, leading to increased blood pressure. Angiotensin II also increases the secretion of ADH and aldosterone, and stimulates the hypothalamus to activate the thirst reflex. Since an overactive renin-angiotensin system leads to hypertension, renin is an attractive target for the treatment of this disease.

AnaSpec is pleased to introduce the new EnzoLyte™ 520 Renin Assay Kit. While existing renin assay kits offer sub-nanomolar potency and selectivity, AnaSpec’s EnzoLyte™ 520 Renin Assay Kit offers picomolar sensitivity – the highest sensitivity available for commercial renin assay kits (40x more sensitive than the leading competitor!).

AnaSpec also offers a shorter emission wavelength kit, EnzoLyte™ 390 Renin Assay Kit -a cost-effective option that offers greater sensitivity than EDANS/DABCYL-based renin assay kits.

EnzoLyte™ 520 Renin Assay Kit
EnzoLyte™ 390 Renin Assay Kit

EnzoLyte™ 520 Renin Assay Kit EnzoLyte™ 390 Renin Assay Kit Company B
Ex/Em (nm) 490/520 330/390 335/495
Min. Detectable Renin Conc. (pM) 2.5 25 100
Interference from Autofluorescence Minimal Moderate Moderate
SensitivityUltra-sensitive Good Minimal

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