Peptide Synthesis Accessories

The theoretical design of a product is one thing, the actual use of that product in daily lab conditions is quite another. With AnaSpec’s line of premium quality synthesis accessories, we offer to our customers only what has been lab-proven for ourselves.

With over 14 years of experience providing custom and catalog peptides to researchers throughout the world, AnaSpec is internationally recognized for the quality of its peptide synthesis services and products. Through years of continually optimizing our manufacturing processes, we have developed a range of functional, efficient, and cost-effective tools uniquely designed for peptide synthesis. These are the very same accessories that we use daily to provide the world’s elite pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic research institutions with precision-grade peptides.

We are pleased to offer these same lab-tested tools to our customers. Through rigorous use in one of the world’s busiest peptide production facilities, we insure that the synthesis accessories we offer are lab-proven to deliver premium performance. From our labs to yours, AnaSpec is perfecting the Science of Trust.

Lyophilizer Flasks

Freeze drying flasks with wide mouth (95 mm ID) providing easy access to flask, compatible with all major brand freeze drying adapters (adapter not provided).

600 mL Cat# 29873
900 mL Cat# 29874
1200 mL Cat# 29875

Reaction Vessels

Reaction vessels developed by AnaSpec for peptide synthesis. These reaction vessels are good for use with ABI synthesizers, and are available in 0.1 mmol, 0.25 mmol and 0.5 mmol reaction sizes.

0.1 mmol (left) Cat# 10058
0.25 mmol (right) Cat# 11059
0.50 mmol (picture not shown) Cat# 11060

Manual Synthesis Reaction Vessels

These manual synthesis reaction vessels have fritted bottoms to facilitate filtration. One example where these vessels can be used is when synthesizing different peptide analogs with a common C-terminus. After the identical C-terminal amino acids have been synthesized, the peptide resin can then be easily split into several portions to accommodate the syntheses of different analogs.

80 ml Cat# 20371
200 ml Cat# 20372
500 ml Cat# 25184
1000 ml Cat# 20373

Reaction Vessels

Reaction vessel for use with PTI (formerly Rainin) Symphony peptide synthesizer. There are two reaction sizes to choose from, 0.1-0.25 mmol (A), Cat# 60879 and 0.1-0.5 mmol (B), Cat# 60911.The top of Cat# 60879 snaps to the bottom while the top of Cat# 60911 screws easily to the bottom to ensure a tight fit.

0.1-0.25 mmol (left), Cat# 60879
0.1-0.5 mmol (right), Cat# 60911