pGlu Modified Beta-Amyloid Peptides – Accelerated Amyloidogeneity

The link between beta-amyloid peptides and Alzheimer’s is a crucial focus in Alzheimer’s research today. AnaSpec continues to play a major role in breakthrough studies focused on beta-amyloid peptides.

In the October 17, 2006 issue of Biochemistry, researchers performed a study that characterized the oligomerization and seeding capacity of pGlu-amyloid peptides. Their results identified pGlu-modified beta-amyloid peptides as displaying “up to 250-fold accelerated initial formation of aggregates compared to unmodified Abeta”,1 adding further support to the idea that pGlu-amyloid peptides possess “biophysical characteristics that might be in particular crucial for the initiation of [Alzheimer’s disease].”1 AnaSpec was one of the primary sources for the peptides used in this study.

As one of the world’s largest supplier of custom and catalog amyloid peptides, AnaSpec is pleased to be the trusted provider for researchers on the forefront of Alzheimer’s research. With over 100 published journal references to AnaSpec in 2006 alone, AnaSpec continues to be the elite choice for precision-made peptides.

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    1. Schilling, S. et al. Biochemistry 45, 12393 (2006).