OptimAbᵀᴹ Catalog Antibodies

Eurogentec is a trusted provider of high quality antibodies and is pleased to launch its proprietary range of catalog antibodies, only containing reputable monoclonals and polyclonals.  OptimAb™ are the best-in-class catalog antibodies against popular targets.  Among them are the following antibodies:

  • HA. 11 Tag (clone: 16B12)
  • Beta-Amyloid 1-16 (clone: 6E10)
  • Beta-Amyloid 17-24 (clone: 4G8)
  • Neuronal Class III beta-Tubulin (clone: TUJ1)
  • Neurofilament monoclonal Antibodies (clone: SMI 310, SMI 312, SMI 32, SMI 34, SMI 31, SMI 35)
  • RNA Polymerase II (clone: 8WB16, CTD4H8)
  • Prion (clone: 3F4, 6D11)
  • 5-Methyl-Cytosine (clone: 33D3)



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