Custom Peptide-Oligonucleotide conjugates

Peptide-oligonucleotide conjugates are molecular composites containing a nucleic acid moiety covalently linked to a polypeptide moiety. They serve many important roles as potential therapeutics and owing to their stability, can resist intracellular enzymes present in different cellular compartments.


  • Cell permeability and uptake
    -Antisense-Oligonucleotide Peptide conjugates
    -si-RNA (gene silencing), Tat and Ant Conjugates
    -Cell penetrating peptide conjugates
  • Antiviral
    -Polycationic peptide conjugations
  • DNA Vaccines (immune recognition)
    -CpG-Oligonucletodie peptide conjugations
    -Gene expression modulation
    -Triplex-forming Oligonucleotide conjugates
    -Antigene therapy
  • Functional genomics:
    -Probes for Northern/Southern blot
    -PCR clamping
    -Enhanced PCR splicing
    -Rare enzyme cutting
Did you know?
Phosphorothioate bonding is used in peptide-oligonucleotide conjugation technology. It's advantages include,
  • Nuclease resistance
  • Value as antisense probes
  • Enabling site specific attachment of reporter groups at the DNA/RNA backbone
  • Studies related to nucleic acid-protein interactions.

  • Since 1985 Eurogentec has been a leading supplier of small and large scale high-quality custom synthesized oligonucleotides for research, diagnostic, pre-clinical and commercial applications.

  • Custom oligonucleotides
  • Real-time qPCR probes
  • NGS oligonucleotides
  • RNAi oligonucleotides
  • Highly complex oligonucleotides
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