iD SensoLyteŽ Meprin Activity Assay kits
Meprin Activity

In our continued support of cancer and neuroscience research, AnaSpec/EGT Group is pleased to announce the launch of two unique iD SensoLyte® Meprin Activity Assay kits that measure Meprin α and Meprin β proteases involved in cancers and implicated in Alzheimer's disease respectively. These kits are highly specific with very low cross reactivities and high sensitivities.

  • Highly Sensitive
    Meprin alpha: 0.1 ng/mL
    Meprin beta: 0.048 ng/mL
  • Unique substrates with low cross-reactivity
  • Fast: assay can be performed in 1 hr
  • First & Only
    Meprin Activity Kit
    on the market
  • Easy mix and read format
  • Good for 100 assays
  • Enzyme activity detection
  • Connective tissue formation, angiogenesis, inflammation, amyloid processing etc.
  • Drug/Inhibitor Screening
Meprins are multimeric zinc proteases (members of the astacin family) related phylogenetically to MMPs and ADAMs. They can either be membrane-bound or secreted, and are highly expressed in the intestine and kidney. They play roles in connective tissue formation (and tissue differentiation), angiogenesis, cancer, immunology and neuroscience.

  • Meprins have an array of substrates, including specific gastrointestinal peptides such as Gastrin Releasing Peptide (GRP).  By cleaving and inactivating these important regulatory molecules, meprins can affect the movement, secretory activity, and growth of the intestinal tract and pancreas.
  • In addition to it's role in cancer, dermatology and angiogenesis, Meprin beta is believed to contribute to Alzheimer's disease. It has been shown that Meprin beta can cleave APP (amyloid precursor protein), resulting in formation of beta amyloid 2-42.
  • ADAM10 is not only activated by meprin beta but it may also shed meprin beta from the cell surface.

Product Catalog #
SensoLyte® Meprin α Activity Assay Kit *Fluorimetric* ( for 100 assays)
AS-72253 Learn more
SensoLyte® Meprin β Activity Assay kit *Fluorimetric* ( for 100 assays)
AS-72254 Learn more

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