Standard & Unusual Amino Acids - Lab Proven Quality

As one of the world’s largest and most trusted suppliers of custom and catalog peptides, AnaSpec is well aware of the inseparable connection between the quality of one’s amino acids and the quality of one’s peptides. The standard & unusual amino acids that AnaSpec offer to our customers are the very same amino acids that we use daily to provide the world’s elite pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic research institutions with precision-grade peptides.

Our collection of Fmoc and Boc amino acids includes the 20 standard amino acids, their d-isomer counterparts and one of the largest collections of unusual amino acids in the world. Through daily use in one of the world’s busiest peptide production facilities, we insure that the amino acids we offer are lab-proven to deliver premium performance. From our labs to yours, AnaSpec is perfecting the Science of Trust.

  • Standard Amino Acids
  • Unusual Amino Acids

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    Below are a few examples of Fmoc-Ser and its derivatives as well as some representative Boc-Ser derivatives (some Boc derivatives are not shown, please inquire).

    ProductSizeCat. # US$
    Fmoc - Ser - OH 1g20168 $20
    5 g 20169 $70
    Fmoc - D - Ser - OH 1g 21317$35
    5g 21319$140
    Fmoc - Ser(Bzl) - OH 1g 21313 $15
    5g 21315$60
    Fmoc - Ser(tBu) - OH 10g20033 $50
    100g 20136$200
    Fmoc - D - Ser(tBu) - OH 1g20361$40
    5g 20362$160
    Fmoc - Ser(Trt) - OH 1g 20170$20
    5g 20171$80
    Fmoc - Ser[PO(OBzl) - OH] - OH (For phosphopeptide synthesis) 1g20419$150
    Fmoc - D - Ser[PO(OBzl) - OH] - OH (For phosphopeptide synthesis) 0.5g 60083-05$200
    Fmoc - Hse(Trt) - OH1g20329$80
    5g 20330$320
    Fmoc - Ser(tBu) - ol 1g23315$120
    Fmoc - D - Ser(tBu) - ol 1g23317$180
    Unusual Amino Acids:
    Fmoc - (S) - 2 - amino - 3 - benzyloxypropionic acid 1g26337-F1$180
    Boc-(S)-2-amino-3-benzyloxypropionic acid1g26337-B1$180
    5g 26337-B5$720
    Fmoc - (R) - 2 - amino - 3 - benzyloxypropionic acid1 g26338-F1 $180
    5 g26338-F5 $720
    Boc-(R)-2-amino-3-benzyloxypropionic acid 1 g26338-B1$180
    5 g26338-B5$720
    Fmoc - 2 - amino - 3 - ethoxypropionic acid 1g 26340-F1$180
    5g 26340-F5 $750
    Boc-2-amino-3-ethoxypropionic acid 1g 26340-B1$180
    Fmoc - L - a - methylserine 100mg26354-F01$95
    Boc-L-a-methylserine 100mg26354-B01$95
    Fmoc - D - a - methylserine100mg26355-F01$95
    Boc-D-a-methylserine 100mg26355-B01$95