SensoLyte™ MMP Assay Kits – The Best Keeps Getting Better

With the SensoLyte (formerly EnzoLyte) 520 line of MMP Assay Kits, AnaSpec is the proud supplier of one of the industry’s most sensitive (see Figure 1) and brightest MMP assay kits that also offer the industry’s longest wavelength of fluorescence. Never content with just being the best, AnaSpec is pleased to introduce a number of new developments to insure that the best MMP assay kits in the world just keep getting better.

While there has never been a question about the performance of AnaSpec’s SensoLyte MMP Assay Kits, there have been a few gaps in terms of the comprehensiveness of our collection. To address this issue, AnaSpec is pleased to introduce the newest additions to our SensoLyte MMP Assay Kits: SensoLyte MMP-10 & MMP-14 Assay Kits.

In response to customer inquiries about the application of our MMP assay kits to various species, we tested the SensoLyte 520 MMP-9 Assay Kit (Cat #71155) on our new mouse recombinant protein (Cat# 72069). The excellent results (see Figure 2) demonstrate that SensoLyte 520 MMP-9 Assay Kit can be used to detect MMP 9 not only in human, but in mouse samples as well.

Addressing the poor substrate sequence specificity of certain members of the MMP family, SensoLyte Plus MMP assay kits are the ideal solution for researchers who need to identify the activity of a specific MMP in a complex biological sample containing multiple MMPs. Integrating the specificity of a monoclonal antibody with the sensitivity of a fluorescence peptide substrate, SensoLyte Plus MMP Assay Kits can detect the presence of a specific MMP in a diverse array of mediums.

Click here for a poster discussing SensoLyte Plus technology presented at the 2006 ASCB Meeting.

With a focus on innovation that matches the caliber of our customers, AnaSpec is perfecting The Science of Trust.

SensoLyte MMP Assay Kits

Recombinant MMPs

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Product NameCatalog #
MMP-1 71150
MMP-8 71154
MMP-13 71156
MMP-14 72025
MMP-1 Plus* 72012
MMP-13 Plus* 72019
Product NameCatalog
MMP-9 71155
MMP-9 Plus* 72017
Product NameCatalog #
Product NameCatalog #
MMP-7 71153
Macrophage Elastase
Product NameCatalog #
MMP-12 71157

Figure 1. Sensitivity of 5-FAM/QXLTM 520 MMP substrate was compared with an EDANS/DABCYL based substrate (FlexStation 384II, Molecular Devices).

Figure 2. Comparison data between human and mouse MMP.