Phytochelatin Peptides - The World's Leading Provider

Because the availability of plant-related catalog peptides has traditionally been minimal to non-existent, the only way to obtain synthetic plant peptides has been through a significant investment in custom peptide services. Until now.

Recognizing the growing need for premium quality, on demand peptide solutions, AnaSpec is pleased to offer a series of research-ready plant peptides called phytochelatins. AnaSpec currently offers Phytochelatins PC2 through PC6.

Phytochelatins (PCs), a name coined by E. Grill et al., belong to a class of heavy metal-detoxifying peptides. These glutathione derived peptides chelate heavy metals such as Cd, Zn, Cu and Pb and have a general formula of (γ-Glu-Cys)n-Gly, where n = 2-11. Repeating units is dependent on the concentration and duration of metal exposure.

Product SizeCat. #
Phytochelatin 2, PC2 1 mg60791
Phytochelatin 3, PC3 1 mg 60790
Phytochelatin 4, PC41 mg 60789
Phytochelatin 5, PC51 mg61190
Phytochelatin 6, PC6 1 mg 61191