Anti-MOG (35-55) IgG Quantitative ELISA Kits

For years, AnaSpec has been providing MOG (35-55) and other multiple sclerosis (MS) experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE)-related peptides to researchers world-wide. Now one of the world’s most trusted suppliers of MOG (35-55) peptides is pleased to present our new line of SensoLyte™ Anti - MOG ELISA Kits - the world’s first and only anti-MOG ELISA kits.

Myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein (MOG), a member of the immunoglobulin superfamily, is expressed exclusively in central nervous system myelin. Recent studies suggest that MOG may function in the completion, compaction, and maintenance of myelin in the central nervous system.1 Even though MOG physiological function is not entirely understood, studies have correlated the immune response of MOG to autoimmune mediated demyelination in several species.2 MOG is able to induce encephalitogenic T cell response, autoantibody response, and produce relapsing-remitting neurological disease with an extensive plaque-like demyelination.3 Autoantibody response to MOG (35-55) has been observed in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients and MOG (35-55)-induced experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) mice;4-10 however, the exact pathological role of anti-MOG (35-55) autoantibody is not known and is currently under vigorous investigation.

SensoLyte™ Anti - MOG ELISA Kits – World’s First & Only
AnaSpec is pleased to announce the release of a family of anti-MOG (35-55) IgG Quantitative ELISA Kits (Mouse/rat) that will help further the research of MS. These kits are optimized to detect anti-MOG (35-55) mouse/rat IgG and IgG subtypes. Using strips pre-coated with MOG (35-55) peptide and pre-blocked with BSA, the amount of anti-MOG IgG subtypes in serum or cerebrospinal fluid can be determined by ELISA and the absorbance read at 450 nm.

ProductSizeCatalog #
SensoLyte™ Anti - MOG(35 - 55) IgG Quantitative ELISA Kit
1 kit54465
SensoLyte™ Anti - MOG(35 - 55) IgG1 Quantitative ELISA Kit
1 kit54466
SensoLyte™ Anti - MOG(35 - 55) IgG2a Quantitative ELISA Kit
1 kit54467
SensoLyte™ Anti - MOG(35 - 55) IgG2b Quantitative ELISA Kit
1 kit54468
SensoLyte™ Anti - MOG(35 - 55) IgG2c Quantitative ELISA Kit
1 kit54469
SensoLyte™ Anti - MOG(35 - 55) IgG3 Quantitative ELISA Kit
1 kit54470
SensoLyte™ Anti - MOG(35 - 55) IgG Subtype Quantitative ELISA Kit (mouse/rat) NEW 1 kit54471

Anti-MOG (35-55) Antibody

Rabbit anti-MOG (35-55) polyclonal antibody was raised against a synthetic peptide from the N-terminus corresponding to amino acids 35-55 of mouse and rat MOG. There is only one amino acid residue difference between the mouse/rat and human MOG (35-55) peptide. ELISA results show that Anti-MOG (35-55) cross-react with human. The antibodies were also evaluated by Western blot.

Anti-MOG (35-55) Antibody

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