New Combinatorial Chemistry Catalog – Available Now

As one of the world’s largest providers of unusual amino acids, AnaSpec is pleased to announce the release of its 2007-2009 Combinatorial Chemistry catalog. Complementing its Peptides and Detection Reagents catalogs, the 2007-2009 Combinatorial Chemistry catalog represents the third and final piece in AnaSpec’s multi-platform collection of integrated proteomics solutions.

The 2007-2009 Combinatorial Chemistry catalog showcases AnaSpec’s broad range of combinatorial chemistry related products including standard amino acids, unusual amino acids, amino acid cartridges, synthesis resins, synthesis reagents, and synthesis accessories. AnaSpec’s Combinatorial Chemistry catalog is an essential resource for researchers in the medicinal, peptide and combinatorial synthesis communities.

Products are classified into the following sections:

Resins – a wide selection of resins for different peptide synthesis needs, such as resins for C-terminal acid or amide; amino acid preloaded resins; fluorophore, chromophore and biotin labeled amino acids preloaded resins.

Reagents – coupling reagents and additives; protecting reagents; labeling reagents, as well as building blocks

Standard Amino Acids – 20 naturally occurring amino acids, both L-isomer and D-isomer, heavy isotope labeled, Fmoc or Boc protected.

Unusual Amino Acids (UAA) – 15 categories based on the major classes of UAA are arranged alphabetically.

Amino Acid Cartridges – used in ABI and Protein Technologies synthesizers.

Accessories – filter paper, reaction vessels, amino acid reservoirs, lyophilizer flasks.

The technical section contains informative resources relevant to peptide synthesis such as coupling and cleavage conditions, chemical abbreviations, general properties of amino acids, pK and pI values of amino acids, and information regarding protecting and labeling groups.

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