Phosphoamino Acids - World Class

Phosphoamino Acids - World Class

The synthesis of phosphopeptides has witnessed significant advancements in recent years with the introduction of monobenzyl protected-phosphoamino acids, such as Fmoc-Phosphoserine, Fmoc-Phosphothreonine, and Fmoc-Phosphotyrosine. The use of these phosphoamino acids in standard Fmoc chemistries has resulted in high-yield, ultra-pure phosphopeptides, even in automated solid phase peptide synthesis. As the industryís leading manufacturer of phosphopeptides, AnaSpec is pleased to offer the same line of phosphoamino acids that are the building blocks for AnaSpecís world-class phosphopeptides.

  • Fmoc-Ser[PO(OBzl)-OH]-OH
  • Fmoc-D-Ser[PO(OBzl)-OH]-OH
  • Fmoc-Thr[PO(OBzl)-OH]-OH
  • Fmoc-D-Thr-[PO(OBzl)-OH]-OH
  • Fmoc-Tyr[PO(OBzl)OH]-OH

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