Protein Phosphorylation - Reagents & Kits

Protein Phosphorylation - Reagents & Kits

Cellular phosphorylation is a reversible, covalent modification of a protein or lipid that serves to modify the activity of the phosphorylated molecule by inducing conformational changes within the molecule. This modification occurs either through the addition of phosphate groups via the transfer of the terminal phosphate from a phosphate donor, e.g. ATP to an amino acid residue (regulated by kinases) and/or by their removal (regulated by phosphatases). The functions of these post-translational modifications include the alteration of the activity of a substrate, its subcellular localization, binding properties or association with other proteins. Dedicated to providing researchers with a broad spectrum of world-class research tools, AnaSpec is pleased to present one of the world’s most comprehensive collections of peptides and related reagents to assist you in investigating the functions of protein kinases and phosphatases in biological systems.

Phosphorylation-Related Peptides – World’s Most Comprehensive Collection
  • Utilizing optimized Fmoc methodologies and orthogonal protection strategy for multiple phosphorylated peptides, AnaSpec’s chemists routinely synthesize mono-, di-, tri- or multiple phosphoamino acids sequences at our facilities in San Jose, CA.
  • Over 280 protein phosphorylation-related peptides, including substrates for Calcium/Calmodulin-dependent protein kinases; cAMP related kinases; Cyclin-dependent kinase 5 (CDK5); Kemptide; MAPK (including EGFR) and PKC, Protein Tyrosine Kinase (PTK) and more. These substrates include both phosphorylated and non-phosphorylated; fluorophore (green or red) or biotin-labeled kinase; and, phosphatase substrates.
  • Custom phosphopeptide synthesis also available, click here

  • Phosphopeptide Mass Standards
  • Contains 7 individually-packed phosphopeptide at 1 ug each. These phosphopeptides can be used for the characterization of affinity purified phosphorylated peptides in liquid chromatography / mass spectrometry.

  • EnzoLyte™ Serine/Threonine or Tyrosine Protein Kinase Substrate Sampler Kits
  • FAM-, TAMRA, or Biotin-Labeled. Designed to facilitate the characterization of an appropriate peptide substrate for developing a particular Ser/Thr kinase or Tyr protein kinase assay, each kit contains a series of FAM, TAMRA, and/or Biotin-labeled protein kinase substrates.

  • EnzoLyte Phosphatase Assay Kits
  • In addition to colorimetric pNPP-based assay kits, AnaSpec also provides a series of FDP and MFP-based fluorimetric assay kits for enhanced measurement of phosphatase activity. These fluorimetric assays are 50-100X more sensitive than pNPP; have a wider dynamic range; and can be monitored using the popular green fluorescence filter (Ex/Em=490/520 nm). So whether your research calls for measuring (secreted or non-secreted) alkaline phosphatase, protein phosphatase, or acid phosphatase activity, the EnzoLyte™ Phosphatase Assay Kits are the phosphatase assay kits of choice!
  • Colorless and nonfluorescent FDP, hydrolyzed to highly fluorescent fluorescein, can be purchased as a stand-alone item.

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    Selected References to AnaSpec Phosphorylation-Related Products

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