Custom Anti-Phosphopeptide Antibodies

Custom Anti-Phosphopeptide Antibodies

For raising antibodies against phosphopeptides there are 3 critical factors for success: (1) the stability of the phosphorylation, (2) the purity of the peptide and (3) post-development purification of the phospho-specific antibody. With documented experience in meeting all three factors, AnaSpec is a proven source for world-class phosphospecific antibody production.

As a trusted provider to the global research community, AnaSpec is experienced in fulfilling the most stringent demands for optimizing project success. Using technologies that are fine-tuned to produce high-yield, ultra-pure phosphopeptides, AnaSpecís peptide chemists routinely synthesize sequences containing single and multiple phosphoamino acids. With full manufacturing facilities located in San Jose, CA, AnaSpec is able to maintain ISO9001:2000 manufacturing processes and robust quality validation.

AnaSpec custom antibodies are produced using an optimized protocol that produces premium quality antibodies on an efficient 11-week schedule.

AnaSpecís Complete Phosphopeptide Antibody Package includes:
  • 15 mg (>90% purity, up to 15 amino acids) phosphospecific peptide - 5 mg delivered to researcher, 10 mg for antibody production.
  • 11 mg (>80% purity, up to 15 amino acids) non-phosphospecific peptide Ė used for affinity depletion (in-house only)
  • Immunization of 2 rabbits
  • Phosphospecific and non-phosphospecific peptide ELISA titration of antibody for all bleeds
  • Pre-immune sample of serum (5 mL/each rabbit) and anti-serum (100 mL total)
  • Affinity purification of selected batch of serum
  • Shipment of purified phosphospecific antibody which does not cross-react with non-phosphospecific peptides (as confirmed by ELISA)

  • Our customers have the added option of ordering non-hydrolyzable phosphoserine-containing peptides (click here for more details).

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