AnaTag™ HiLytePlus™ Labeling Kits - Performance + Convenience

The labeling of proteins and antibodies with fluorescent dyes is crucial for researchers who use flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry and fluorescent in-situ hybridization techniques.  AnaSpec’s AnaTagTM Labeling Kits are now available with the revolutionary new HiLytePlus series of long-wavelength dyes.

Built on HiLyte™ Fluor technology, the HiLytePlus™ series represents AnaSpec’s highest performance dyes for Red-NIR wavelengths.  A perfect marriage of superior convenience and brilliant performance, AnaTag™ HiLytePlusTM Protein Labeling Kits are ideal for long wavelength, cost-effective, biopolymer labeling.

Superior Performance

•  Available for the popular excitation wavelengths of 555, 647 and 750 nm

•  Protein conjugates brighter than Cy3, and Cy5 protein conjugates

•  Performance levels even higher than HiLyte™ Fluor dyes

Figure 1.The succinimidyl ester (SE) reactive form of the labeling dye reacts with the amine group on the protein and forms stable carboxamide bonds which are identical to and as stable as the natural peptide bond. These dye-protein conjugates are very stable and are suitable for immunofluorescent staining, fluorescence in situ hybridization, flow cytometry and other biological applications.


•  Fast Labeling time - as short as 30 minutes

•  All essential components for conjugation reaction and purification of dye-protein conjugates

•  Available in two convenient reaction sizes:

   Microscale labeling kit: up to 200 ug protein x 3 labelings or

   Larger scale labeling kit: up to 5 mg protein x 3 reactions

•  Stable dye-protein conjugate products

•  Industry-standard amine-reactive chemistry

HiLytePlus™ 555

HiLytePlus™ 647

HiLytePlus™ 750

Large scale
up to 5 mg x 3 labelings)




up to 200 ug x 3 labelings)