GO Peptides™ – The Next Evolution in Peptide Tools

While custom peptide synthesis technology has made significant advances, even the fastest manufacturing process still takes time. What if there could be an even better way? What if as soon as you were ready to order, your peptides were ready to go?

AnaSpec is pleased to introduce Go Peptides™, the next evolution in peptide tools. With a selection that combines over 15 years of custom peptide synthesis, one of the world’s largest peptide catalogs, and the world’s fastest growing collection of peptides (with hundreds of peptides released each month), AnaSpec is able to draw on an enormous pool of research-ready peptides that are available immediately.

Before you even request the custom synthesis of a peptide, use AnaSpec’s Smart Search tool to search for your desired peptide sequence. If it is not available, we will be happy to provide you with a speedy quote for our world-class custom synthesis service.

For research tools that are ready on demand, AnaSpec peptides are GO

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In the last few months, out of over 300 β-amyloid peptides (regular, truncated, dye or biotin labeled, analogs, human and mouse/rat), AnaSpec has introduced over 100 new β-amyloid peptides.

To get a copy of the newly-released “Alzheimer’s Research” Brochure, please click here.