Anti-GHSR Antibodies Guaranteed Specifity

AnaSpec is pleased to announce the release of two antibodies for growth secretagogue receptor (GHSR). One antibody targets the N-terminus and the other an internal sequence.

GHSR is a G protein-coupled receptor with seven transmembrane domains and is primarily expressed in hypothalamus and pituitary glands (1-4). GHSR gene is located on chromosome 3q26.31 and results in two products: functional 366 amino acids long GSHR1a and 289 amino acids long GSHR1b protein with yet unknown function1,2. GHSR1a is activated by 28 amino acid peptide ghrelin that is esterified with octanoic acid on Ser3 and must be acylated to induce GHSR response2,3. Activated GHSR modulates phospholipase C signaling route that leads to increase of intracellular calcium ions that stimulate brain cells to release growth hormone and increase appetite 1-4. Recent studies in transgenic mice indicate that GHSR may be responsible for obesity and short normal stature1.



Catalog #

Anti-GHSR (IN) (mouse/rat) NEW

50 g


Anti-GHSR (NT) (mouse/rat) NEW 50 g 55044A

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