SensoLyte™MMP ELISA Kits – Expanding the MMP product line

Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) belong to a family of secreted or membrane-associated zinc endopeptidases involved in both normal and diseased tissue remodeling. They are capable of degrading all kinds of extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins, but also can process a number of bioactive molecules. MMPs are key players in normal and pathological processes, including embryogenesis, wound healing, inflammation, arthritis, and cancer.

MMPs share common structural and functional elements and are products of different genes. The three common domains include the pro-peptide, the catalytic domain and the haemopexin-like C-terminal domain linked to the catalytic domain by a flexible hinge region. MMPs are initially synthesized as inactive (latent) zymogens with a pro-peptide domain that must be removed before the enzyme is active.

AnaSpec is pleased to complement its MMP product line with a suite of SensoLyteTM MMP ELISA Kits. These kits are ideal for quantitative detection of MMP proteins (latent and active forms) in serum, plasma, cell culture supernates and urine. The SensoLyteTM ELISA Kits use a convenient, 96-well plate based format with colorimetric read-out.

AnaSpec's widely used fluorescent SensoLyteTM MMP Activity Assays measure active MMPs in a convenient, 96-well plate-based method with highly sensitive fluorimetric read-out. A colorimetric read-out MMP Activity Assay kit is also available.



Catalog #

SensoLyte™ MMP-1 ELISA Kit *Colorimetric* NEW

1 kit


SensoLyte™ MMP-3 ELISA Kit *Colorimetric* NEW

1 kit


SensoLyte™ MMP-8 ELISA Kit *Colorimetric* NEW

1 kit


SensoLyte™ MMP-9 ELISA Kit *Colorimetric* NEW

1 kit


SensoLyte™ MMP-10 ELISA Kit *Colorimetric* NEW

1 kit


SensoLyte™ MMP-13 ELISA Kit *Colorimetric* NEW

1 kit


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