Fluorescent Ca2+ Indicators – Premium Quality

Calcium plays a vital role in the regulation of cardiac contractility, growth and gene expression; consequently, calcium measurement is critical in numerous biological investigations. Fluorescent probes that show spectral responses upon Ca2+ binding have enabled researchers to investigate changes in intracellular free Ca2+ concentrations using techniques such as fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, fluorescence spectroscopy. Most of these fluorescent indicators are derivatives of BAPTA, chelators that incorporate a photo-induced-electron transfer (PET) system responsive to calcium. Instruments, such as FLIPR® and FlexStationTM have enabled high throughput measurement of calcium for GPCR and ion channel research.

AnaSpec is pleased to highlight a selection of fluorescent Ca2+ indicators. These calcium indicators are of the highest quality and are cost-effective. They include UV-excitable and visible light-excitable calcium indicators.

Among the UV-excitable calcium indicators, Fura-2 and Indo-1 are the most commonly used. Rhod-2 is among the most commonly used among the visible light-excitable calcium indicators.

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UV-Excitable Calcium Indicators
Product Size Catalog #

Fura – 2, AM

1 mg


Fura - 2; AM *UltraPure Grade* *Small Package*

50 µg x 20


Indo - 1, AM

1 mg


Visible Light-Excitable Calcium Indicators



Catalog #

Rhod - 2, AM *UltraPure Grade*

1 mg