Tetramethylrhodamine C2 Maleimides – Cost Smart

For economically savvy research institutions seeking to eliminate unnecessary spending, Tetramethylrhodamine C2 maleimides represent an equally effective and more cost-effective replacement for Tetramethyl rhodamine maleimides.

While their spectral characteristics are very similar to those of Tetramethylrhodamine maleimides (see Figure 3), Tetramethylrhodamine C2 maileimides are 40% less expensive. They can be used for thiol modification of proteins, antibodies and peptides.

Added Values of Tetramethylrhodamine C2 maileimides:

Tetramethylrhodamine-5 C2 maleimide, excellent replacement for

Tetramethylrhodamine-6 C2 maleimide, excellent replacement for

Tetramethylrhodamine-5/6 C2 maleimide, excellent replacement for

Spectral properties similar to Tetramethylrhodamine maleimides

40% less expensive than the Tetramethylrhodamine maleimides

Can be used for thiol modification of proteins, antibodies and peptides.

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Figure 1. Molecular structures of Tetramethylrhodamine-5 C2 maleimide (1), Tetramethylrhodamine-6 C2 maleimide (2) and Tetramethylrhodamine-5-(and-6) C2 maleimide (3).

Figure 2. Molecular structures of Tetramethylrhodamine-5-maleimide (a), Tetramethylrhodamine-6-maleimide (b) and Tetramethylrhodamine-5-(and-6)-maleimide (c).



Catalog #

Tetramethylrhodamine-5 C2 maleimide

5 mg


Tetramethylrhodamine-6 C2 maleimide

5 mg


Tetramethylrhodamine-5-(and-6) C2 maleimide

5 mg


Tetramethylrhodamine-5-(and-6) C2 maleimide

25 mg


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AnaSpec is pleased to highlight the Tetramethylrhodamine C2 maleimides. These fluorescent reagents are a cost-effective replacement for Tetramethylrhodamine maleimides.