SensoLyte Rh110 Plasmin Activity Assay Kit Long Wavelength

AnaSpec, known for developing sensitive, long wavelength assays, is pleased to announce the release of another long wavelength protease assay the SensoLyte Rh110 Plasmin Activity Assay Kit (Ex/Em=496 nm/520 nm). A shorter wavelength plasmin assay, the SensoLyte AFC Plasmin Activity Assay Kit (Ex/Em=380 nm/500 nm) is also released.

Plasmin is a serine protease derived from the conversion of plasminogen in blood plasma by plasminogen activators. Its primary function is to degrade fibrin in blood clots.1 Plasmin activators and inhibitors are thought to be the key participants in the balance between proteolytic and antiproteolytic activities that regulate extracellular matrix degradation.2 In addition to its established role in fibrinolysis, plasmin is also involved in several pathological and physiological processes such as embryogenesis, ovulation, inflammation, wound healing, angiogenesis, neoplasia, and metastasis.2

The SensoLyte Rh110 Plasmin Assay Kit provides a convenient assay for screening of enzyme inhibitors and activators or for continuous assay of enzyme activity using a fluorogenic substrate. Upon plasmin protease cleavage, this substrate generates the Rh110 (rhodamine 110) fluorophore which has a bright green fluorescence and can be detected at Ex/Em=496 nm/520 nm. The longer-wavelength spectra and higher extinction coefficient of the Rh110 provide greater sensitivity and less interference from other reaction components.

Figure 1. Detection of plasmin with the SensoLyte
Rh110 Plasmin Activity Assay Kit. The detection limit can reach as low as 0.02 ng.

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SensoLyte AFC Plasmin Activity Assay Kit *Fluorimetric*


SensoLyte Rh110 Plasmin Activity Assay Kit *Fluorimetric*


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