Anti-Keratin 10, 13 and 14 New

AnaSpec is pleased to announce the newest additions to its expanding line of keratin antibodies. Backed by AnaSpecs antibody guarantee*, these type I acidic keratin antibodies (keratin 10, -13 and -14) have been tested in applications such as western blots or IHC.

Intermediate filaments (IFs), together with actin microfilaments and tubulin microtubules, comprise the three major cytoskeletal networks that are found in most eukaryotic cells.1 Keratins, which are the largest IF protein subgroup, can be divided into the acidic type I (K9-K20) and basic type II (K1-K8) Keratins.2 Typically, epithelial cells express at least one of each type, and the proteins exist in the cells as noncovalent obligate heteropolymers. Keratin networks are highly dynamic and reorganized during cell differentiation, mitosis and apoptosis, and also play important cytoprotective and structural support roles for the cell.3,4

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Catalog #

Anti-Keratin-10 (IN), human NEW

50 g


Anti-Keratin-10 (CT), human NEW

50 g


Anti-Keratin-13-alpha (CT), human NEW

50 g


Anti-Keratin-13 (CT), mouse NEW

50 g


Anti-Keratin-14 (IN) NEW

50 g


Anti-Keratin-18 (IN-1), zebrafish NEW

100 ul/10 mini-WB


Figure 1. Western blots of anti-keratin-10, 13 and 14. Data courtesy of Dr. Bishr Omary at University of Michigan.

Figure 2. IHCs of FFPE human breast tissue sections probed with anti-keratin-14 (IN), Cat# 55080 at 1:150 dilution. Antigen retrieval was accomplished by using 0.01% pepsin diluted in HCl, pH 2, incubated for 30 min at 37 in a humidified chamber. Secondary antibody used was donkey anti-rabbit labeled with Alexa-488 (Invitrogen), and nuclei were stained with DAPI. Images courtesy of Dr. Andra Frost, Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham.

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1. Ku, NO. et al. Am J. Physiol. 277, G1108 (1999).
2. Schweizer, J. et al. J. Cell Biol. 174, 169 (2006).
3. Omary, MB. et al. Trends Biochem. Sci. 31, 383 (2006).
4. Omary, MB. et al. N. Engl. J. Med. 351, 2087 (2004).

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