Hydrocarbon-Stapled Peptides - Custom Synthesis & Reagents

The innovative technique of hydrocarbon stapling in peptides is introducing valuable new functionality to peptide-related research. AnaSpec is pleased to offer custom synthesis of hydrocarbon-stapled peptides.

Hydrocarbon-stapled peptides are peptides capable of forming stable alpha helical structure as a result of "hydrocarbon stapling."1,2 Many biological pathways, such as signal transduction, occur because of intracellular protein-protein interactions, which frequently are mediated by the α-helix structures of proteins. However, the use of short protein fragments (peptides) leads to a loss of secondary structure, which makes them susceptible to proteolysis and impermeable across cell membrane.1 Verdine's group has shown that these problems could be overcome by a chemical modification of an alpha-helical peptide they termed hydrocarbon-stapled peptide.1,2 The modified hydrocarbon-stapled peptide is helical, relatively protease resistant, cell-permeable and binds with increased binding affinity to its target. Hydrocarbon stapling may provide a useful strategy in researching experimental and therapeutic modulation of protein-protein interactions as well as in in vivo pharmacokinetics studies.

Figure 1.
Strategy for hydrocarbon-stapled peptide with enhanced α-helical structure.

In addition to offering stapled peptides [(i and i+4) and (i and i+7)] custom synthesis service, AnaSpec is very pleased to offer Fmoc amino acids for use in synthesizing stapled peptides (Table 1).

To view a paper from the Journal of Molecular Biology entitled "A Cell-penetrating Helical Peptide as a Potential HIV-1 Inhibitor," reported by scientists from the Lindsley F. Kimball Research Institute of the New York Blood Center, New York Structural Biology, AnaSpec, Inc. and the National Cancer Institute-Frederick, please click here.

Table 1. Fmoc amino acids for the synthesis of stapled peptides.



Catalog #

(S)-N-Fmoc-2-(4'-pentenyl) alanine

100 mg
500 mg
1 g
10 g


(R)-N-Fmoc-2-(7'-octenyl) alanine

1 g


(S)-N-Fmoc-2-(7'-octenyl) alanine

1 g


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