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AnaSpec, the maker of the industry's first and only colorimetric anti-MOG assay kits, is pleased to announce the release of two multiple sclerosis (MS)/experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) related ELISA assays kits, the SensoLyte® Anti-PLP(139-151) Assay Kit and the SensoLyte® Anti-PLP(178-191) Assay Kit. These kits, precoated either with PLP (139-151) or PLP (178-191) peptide are optimized to detect mouse anti- PLP (139-151) or anti-PLP (178-191) IgG, respectively. The amount of IgG antibodies in mouse serum or cerebrospinal fluid is quantified using ELISA. Ample materials and reagents are provided to perform 80 assays in a 96-well plate format.

Convenient Format
Pre-coated and pre-blocked 96-well strip plate
Ready-to-use substrate solution and other assay components
2-3 hours assay time at room temperature
Minimal Sample Size
Requires only 0.5-1 μl of serum or cerebrospinal fluid to perform assay
High Sensitivity
Detects as low as 100 pg of anti-PLP (139-151) or anti-PLP (178-191) IgG
No cross-reactivity between two kits
Broad Dynamic Range
8-500 ng antibody/ml serum (depending on colorimetric developing time)

Proteolipid protein (PLP) is the most abundant protein in the central nervous system (CNS) myelin sheath and is highly conserved among species.1-2 PLP has a 50% hydrophobic amino acids content and a molecular weight of 30 kDa.1 Mouse PLP (139-151) and PLP (178-191) are able to induce autoantibody production and relapsing-remitting neurological disease causing extensive plaque-like demyelination.1-4 Autoantibody response to mouse PLP (139-151) and PLP (178-191) has been observed in induced experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) in B10.PL, C57BL/6, BALB/c, SJL, F1, and SWR mice strains.3-4 However, the exact pathological role and action of anti-mouse PLP (139-151) and anti-PLP (178-191) autoantibody is not well understood.1-4

Figure 1. The standard curve for anti-mouse PLP (139-151) on the left and anti-mouse PLP (178-191) on the right.

Product Catalog #

SensoLyte™ Anti - PLP (139 - 151) IgG Quantitative ELISA Kit (Mouse) *Colorimetric* NEW


SensoLyte™ Anti - PLP (178 - 191) IgG Quantitative ELISA Kit (Mouse) *Colorimetric* NEW


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