Oligos – From Research to GMP

AnaSpec, the newest North American division of Eurogentec, now offers custom oligonucleotide synthesis. Manufactured in ISO 13485 certified facilities, the highest regulatory level available, custom oligos can be scaled from research-grade to GMP-levels without missing a beat. With over 20 years of experience, Eurogentec’s world-class oligo services are now available to AnaSpec customers throughout the world.

Custom Oligonucleotides

· PCR Primers
· FISH Probes
· Pyrosequencing Primers
· Cloning Linkers
· Antisense Oligonucleotides

Real-Time qPCR Oligonucleotides

· Double-Dye Probes
· Molecular Beacons
· Scorpions Probes
· LC Hybridization Probes

RNAi Oligonucleotides

· Custom siRNA Duplexes

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