Custom Oligo Synthesis

AnaSpec, Eurogentec’s newest division, is pleased to offer custom oligonucleotide synthesis service.

In the last 20+ years, we have synthesized highly modified oligonucleotides, sophisticated chimeras, siRNA coupled to various peptides, oligonucleotides containing multiple G-stretches, aptamers, large scale oligonucleotides and more.

AnaSpec offers the technical expertise to even manufacture those oligos that require high quality for demanding applications such as NMR, x-ray crystallography, in vivo use and the like.

We offer a range of synthesis scales, a choice of over 100+ modifications and a wide selection of purification, formats and packaging options.

• All types of oligonucleotides with lengths ranging from 2 to 220 bases
• All chemistries, including DNA, RNA, LNA®, and 2’-O-Me
• More than 100+ modifications
• All synthesis scales yielding μg to gram quantities
• Large range of real-time qPCR probes
• RNAi oligonucleotides including siRNA duplexes and miRNA inhibitors

Trusted quality
• Fully automated synthesis
• Optimized chemistry
• Stringent quality control
• ISO 9001 certified
• High-capacity and flexible
• Parallel synthesis

True partnership
• Fast turnaround times
• Technical and scientific support, staffed by qualified and experienced scientists, with
extensive backgrounds in Molecular Biology and Chemistry
• Manufacturing facilities in 3 continents (North America, Europe and Asia)

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