Z-Fish™ Anti-Lysozyme – NEW!

AnaSpec, Eurogentec Group, is pleased to be the first in the industry to establish a new product line of zebrafish specific (Z-Fish™) antibodies to support the increasing needs of researchers.

Our expanding list of Z-Fish™ antibodies includes targets used in transcriptional regulation, signal transduction, apoptosis and autophagy, cell cycle control, cytoskeleton, glucose and energy metabolism, and immunity research. Antibodies were verified in ELISA. Many were verified in western blots using zebrafish lysates. As well, these Z-Fish™ antibodies are predicted to work in IHC, many of which have good IHC results. Antibodies are supplied in 150 ul size, this amount is enough for 15 mini gels.

In collaboration with the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, AnaSpec's Z-Fish™ polyclonal anti-lysozyme was found to completely overlap with mpo:GFP labeled neutrophils. This indicates that lysozyme is a neutrophil marker in zebrafish (Figure 1). Lysozyme C (lyz), a cationic glycoside hydrolase, breaks down N-acetyl muramic b-1,4 N-acetyl glucosamine linkages in the bacterial cell wall.1-2 In zebrafish, this enzyme is expressed exclusively in myeloid cells,2 and is used for hematopoietic developmental studies in zebrafish. This antibody was raised using a synthetic peptide derived from the intermediate region of zebrafish lysozyme protein (GenBank accession # NP_631919.1).



Catalog #

Anti-Lysozyme (IN), Z-Fish™
Host: rabbit polyclonal; Species reactivity: zebrafish; Application: IHC

150 uL


Figure 1. Whole-mount zebrafish IHC of a 3 dpf larvae probed with Z-Fish™ anti-lysozyme (IN), (cat# 55633) at 1:25-1:200 dilution. Fixation conditions were 4% PFA with 0.1% Tween 20 overnight at 4 degrees. Anti-Lysozyme antibody stains neutrophils in red. Anti-Lysozyme label overlaps almost completely with the mpo:GFP labeled neutrophils, indicating that lysozyme is a neutrophil marker (image courtesy of Dr. Michael Redd, Univ. of Utah).


  1. Gordon, S. et al. J Exp Med 139(5), 1228 (1974).
  2. Kitaguchi, T. et al. Mech Dev 126, 314 (2009).

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