Speedy 28-day Polyclonal Antibody Service

When traditional protocols can take almost 90 days, the wait for high-quality custom polyclonal antibodies can be excruciating. AnaSpec asked, "Is there a way to develop custom antibodies faster without sacrificing quality in the finished product?" Here's the answer.

AnaSpec is pleased to introduce the Speedy 28-day custom polyclonal antibody service. Leveraging proven technology from Eurogentec, AnaSpec's parent company, this protocol uses a proprietary mixture of Freund's free immuno-stimulatory compounds. The first bleed is obtained at Day 21 after 4 immunizations. Bleed is guaranteed to have a titer of at least 1/20,000 for one of the immunized rabbits.

Figure 1. Comparison data between the Speedy 28-day and 87-day protocols. A KLH-conjugated peptide was used in raising antibodies in both protocols and titer based on ELISA was compared.

Pricing of this polyclonal antibody package includes:

  • Peptide design from protein of interest
  • Peptide synthesis (>90%, 15 aa, 3-4 weeks)
  • Conjugation to carrier protein (KLH, BSA or OVA)
  • Choice of two New Zealand rabbits in SPF or non-SPF environment
  • 28-day immunization protocol (not including peptide synthesis)
  • ELISA at Day 28
  • Antigens include single peptide or two peptides or customer-supplied protein (titer guarantee does not apply to customer-supplied protein)

To start your 28-day immunization polyclonal project, contact service@anaspec.com to obtain a price quotation. Click here for more information.

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