High-Throughput Dispensing Service

AnaSpec, Eurogentec Group is pleased to offer high-throughput dispensing service. Our commitment to supply the life science community with simple, affordable and innovative solutions has resulted in this service; bringing the advantages of automation within everyone’s reach. The fully equipped dispensing platform is housed in a Class 100000 room.

What can be dispensed?  
     Real-time qPCR & qRT-PCR assays
     PCR & RT-PCR assays
     Primers & probes
     Any complex pipetting tasks

(Volumes: 3 ul to 10 ml)
     96 or 384-well plates
8 or 12-tube strips
     Individual tubes

     Small bottles

     Barcodes, laser-marks

plates /strips layout

Our Standard

     Primers and probes RP-HPLC purified

     Diagnostics grade an option
     100 % QC on reagents and final batch
     Extensive documentation

Ease Your Workflow – simply add the template
     Ready-to-Use - Virtually no reaction set-up time
     All in one - Everything needed is included in the tube / plate
     Cost effective - Minimal labor required, no more hidden costs
     Easy-to-Use - Minimal expertise required
     Better productivity - Increase number of data point
     Faster results - Publish earlier

Figure 1. Amplification of IPC in 96 different wells,10 µl final volume – robotic dispensing.   Figure 2. Amplification of IPC in 96 different wells, 15 µl final volume – manual dispensing.

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