Azide & Alkyne Containing Amino Acids

As one of the world's most trusted suppliers of research-quality custom peptides, AnaSpec, EGT Group is well aware of the inseparable connection between the quality of one's components and the quality of one's products. The Fmoc or Boc amino acids that we offer to our customers are the very same amino acids that we use daily in our own manufacturing facilities. We prove the quality of our components in our labs, so you can trust the results in yours.

• Good selection of azide or alkyne containing amino acids
• Fmoc or Boc version available
• High quality
• Cost-effective

Amino acids with an azido group

Fmoc-azidohomoalanine, Cat# AS-63670,
CAS# 942518-20-9

Boc-azidolysine, Boc-Lys(N3)-OH,
Cat# AS-53100-B025/-B1

2-Amino-N-(3-azidopropyl)-3- mercaptopropionamide, Cat# AS-64169-025

Fmoc-azidolysine, Fmoc-Lys(N3)-OH,
Cat# AS-53100-F025/-F1


Fmoc-4-azidophenylalanine, Fmoc-Phe(N3)-OH,
Cat#AS-64347-250/-1000, CAS#163217-43-4

Amino acids with an alkyne group

Cat# AS-26264-F1/-F5 CAS# 198561-07-8

Cat# AS-26264-B1, CAS# 63039-48-5

Fmoc-D-propargylglycine, Cat#AS-26265-F1/-F5
"Fmoc-D-Pra-OH, CAS# 220497-98-3

Additionally, we also supply high quality TBTA in 50 mg or 500 mg sizes. Bulk pricing of this and any the above amino acids are available upon request (



Catalog #

TBTA, Tris[(1 - benzyl - 1H - 1,2,3 - triazol - 4 - yl)methyl] amine

50 mg

500 mg




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