(Arg)9 Peptides

(Arg)9 is a cell-permeable peptide used for drug delivery

Nona-arginine also known as Arg9 is a cationic cell-penetrating peptide composed of 9 arginine residues (RRRRRRRRR).

It has a highly electrostatic amino acid sequence that interacts strongly with the negatively charged cellular membrane.  Recent studies indicate that Arg9 passively enters live cells by causing membrane multilamellarity.  This branching and layering effect of the membrane is followed by membrane fusion, allowing entry of Arg9.  Other studies have suggested that Arg9 moves into cells via a pore formation translocation mechanism.

We offer unmodified Arg9, fluorescent-labeled Arg9 peptides for visual tracking, and Cys(Npys) Arg9 for use in conjugation to cargo molecules via cysteine residues.

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